• Program Features

    The MBA program of Beijing Jiaotong University was approved in 1993 and began to recruit students in 1994. As the second group of universities to carry out MBA and the first group to carry out EMBA education, Beijing Jiaotong University has formed a completed training model, reasonable training direction, professional teaching staff, solid scientific research foundation, and an excellent training platform. Simultaneously, it adheres to the cultivation of MBA talents based on the industry demand and relies on the discipline advantages to strengthen the training. It has become the main force of management personnel training in the fields of transportation and logistics. Furthermore, the MBA program of Beijing Jiaotong University gives full play to the advantages of transport engineering, applied economics, management science and engineering, based on the excellent foundation and experience accumulation of business administration discipline so that offered MBA education fully embodies the distinctive features of the integration of economics, management, engineering, and other disciplines.

  • Learning Objectives

    Guided by the university motto of "knowledge and practice", the learning goal is to cultivate complex business elites with distinctive industry and discipline characteristics, global vision, and humanistic spirit,  entrepreneurship,Intercultural communication skills, leadership and learning with knowledge and practice.

  • Featured Courses

    Introduction to Dialectics of Nature

    MBA Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

    International Business

    Cross cultural communication and management

    MBA Career Planning

    MBA Thesis and Case Writing

    Business English

    Data, Model and Decision

    Organizational Behavior

    Management Economics


    Financial Management


    Strategic Management

    Operation Management

    Information System and Information Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

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