Department of Accounting aims to cultivate students with the theoretical basis of economics and management, systematically master the theoretical knowledge and professional skills related to accounting, auditing, taxation, financial management, asset management, etc., have a sense of social responsibility and professional ethics, scientific methodological thinking and good professional judgment ability, innovative practice and professional analysis ability, and can be competent for professional leadership and senior accounting professionals in key positions, professional management and research. At present, Department of Accounting has a complete training system, and has formed a scientific and advanced training concept and mode. It has two undergraduate majors, accounting and financial management. The postgraduate training includes academic master's degree in accounting (established in 1986), doctor's degree in accounting (established in 2006), master's degree in accounting (MPAcc, established in 2007), and master's degree in audit (Maud, established in 2011) Master's degree in asset appraisal (MV, established in 2010). In the past 10 years, the employment rate of accounting department graduates has been maintained at 100%, and the employment quality is good. The main employment fields are distributed in comprehensive economic management departments, high reputation accounting firms at home and abroad, asset appraisal, securities investment, asset management institutions and other intermediary agencies, listed companies, commercial banks and various types of state-owned and other enterprises and institutions. The main research fields of the accounting department are: accounting theory, corporate finance, audit and taxation, cost and management accounting, asset management and evaluation, enterprise merger and reorganization, and corporate governance.