The Department of Finance aims to cultivate students with good political and ideological quality and professional ethics, fully understand financial theory and practice, systematically master investment and financing management skills, financial transaction technology and operation, financial product design and pricing, financial analysis, financial risk management and related fields of theoretical knowledge and business skills, and be able to work in banks, securities, investment, insurance and other enterprises. Specialized personnel engaged in relevant work. Discipline setting attaches importance to the cultivation of professional quality and ability, and strengthens the cultivation of mathematical basis, information technology and financial analysis skills, so as to enable students to have the basic ability of practical work in the financial field. The Department of finance now enrolls both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The main research directions of the master's program: financial theory, policies and methods, focusing on the financial problems in China's economic development, adhering to the concept of financial service entity development, from the two levels of macro finance and micro finance, in-depth research on the frontier issues of financial theory, financial system supply, industrial transformation and development of financial support, and early warning and prevention of financial risks, For China's industrial structure adjustment, industrial transformation and upgrading, provide timely theoretical support, policy recommendations and operation mode of sustainable development.