Master of Finance
  • Program Features

    In terms of training specifications and objectives, the professional degree of Master of finance pays more attention to the orientation of professional needs, the cultivation of practical application ability as the core, and the cultivation of students' theoretical connection.

    In addition to meet the needs of the banking, securities, insurance, and other industries, the program relies on the traditional benefits of primary network-based sectors such as transportation, logistics, power, information management, etc. The program strives to innovate and realize differentiation in research direction setting and talent training mode according to industry demand development, to meet the needs of companies for high-level talent in different industries for investment, finance, and financial management.

    The cultivation of financial postgraduates adheres to the education concept of moral education first, education-oriented and all-round development, construct a student-centered training system, realizes the organic unity of ideological and political education and financial knowledge system education, and has a solid financial theoretical foundation, good professional ethics, innovative and enterprising spirit, and strong ability to engage in financial, practical work the top-notch creative talents.

    Research Directions: commercial bank operation and management, securities investment, corporate finance, financial technology, etc.

  • Employment

    Government departments, various large enterprises, public institutions, consulting and research institutions, and other financial related work.

  • Featured Courses

    Artificial intelligence foundation and application, significant data technology foundation and application, blockchain technology, financial theory and policy, derivative financial instruments, investment, corporate finance, etc

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