The School’s process for strategic planning and management follows the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” model, with key responsibilities for execution lying with the Dean and the Accreditation and Planning Office.

In the first step –“Plan” -the School establishes a Working Group to complete a first draft of each Five Year Development Plan – the most recent draft being for the 14th Five-Year Plan which will coincide with the 14th Five-Year Plan for the country, 2021 -2025. The draft draws on Strategy Workshops held with the full range of stakeholders, and is presented to the Academic Committee of the School, to the International Advisory Committee (IAC), and to representatives of the faculty, students and alumni, who all contribute their opinions. The Accreditation and Planning Office then revises the draft and submits it to the Executive Committee and thence to the Development and Planning Committee of the University. The Plan includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the School, which are aligned with those of the University as a whole, and a Target Responsibility Agreement is signed by the Dean, between the School and the University.

In the “Do” stage of the process, the School sends a Quarterly Work Report to the International Advisory Committee and publishes it on the website. There is then an annual meeting of the IAC at which members are asked for suggestions on the implementation of the Plan.

the “Check” stage, an Annual Progress and KPI Completion Status Report is presented to the Executive Committee of the School every December, and the Executive Committee makes suggestions for the next year’s implementation. In the December of the fifth year of the Plan a full summary of the progress made during the Plan period is presented.

In the “Act” stage, the achievements and shortcomings of the Plan period are identified, set against the Target Responsibility Agreement, and the planning cycle begins again, with a new draft Plan. Strategy Workshops are held with faculty, students, alumni and employers and the IAC is asked to comment. The Workshops for the next cycle were held with all levels of student, and junior faculty members, in December 2018, and the second with more senior stakeholders in January 2019, in order to feed into the preliminary discussion of the Draft Plan for 2021-2025.