Master of Engineering Management
  • Program Features

    Engineering Management is a new interdisciplinary Science of engineering technology and management, which requires students to have extensive knowledge of management, economics, civil engineering technology, construction engineering law, etc. In the field of engineering construction at home and abroad, it can be engaged in project decision-making and whole process management.

    Research Directions: civil engineering management, information engineering management, safety engineering management, logistics engineering management.

  • Learning Objectives

    The program aims to educate future senior applied engineering managers by providing a strong foundation in systematic engineering management, building skills in planning, organization, command, coordination, and decision making, and deepening students’ understanding of related engineering fields.

  • Employment

    Employment: engineering technology companies, engineering consulting and evaluation companies, government construction departments, scientific research, and education departments.

  • Featured Courses

    Project management, engineering economics, construction engineering management theory and method, engineering contract management, project quality management, project financing and risk management, engineering management training.