Relying on the advantages of traditional disciplines such as applied economics, business administration, management science and engineering, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, constantly explores new models of industry-university-research cooperation between schools and enterprises, and adheres to the principle of knowledge innovation, talent training, and service to the society. The service concept of support and development through contribution actively promotes comprehensive cooperation with enterprises in the fields of talent training, scientific research, and social services.

The School actively integrates university resources such as talents and information, serves the transfer of corporate talents and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and leads and promotes the economic and social development of the industry with scientific and technological progress, theoretical innovation and talent training. In accordance with the ever-evolving social needs, provide targeted educational development services for the government, enterprises and institutions, and carry out various special business trainings; relying on the 16 research institutions of the School, establish an industry-university-research consortium, build a scientific and technological innovation platform, and jointly develop science and technology Tackling key problems, solving major economic and technical problems in the national economy and social development, and jointly applying for management and technical achievements.

At present, the School has established partnerships with more than 200 enterprises and institutions, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with more than 100 local governments, enterprises and institutions; successively hired more than 100 outstanding entrepreneurs and alumni as part-time professors or guest guests of our School Professors, jointly promote the overall improvement of the quality of the School’s personnel training, scientific research, and social services.

The School has established a special alumni development and school-enterprise cooperation center, which is responsible for coordinating and integrating the resources of the whole School, promoting the full development of school-enterprise cooperation and external liaison work.