• Program Features

    Beijing Jiaotong University is one of the first group of universities to be authorized to confer Professional Master’s Degree of Auditing in 2011 and has recruited nine editions of students so far. This project focuses on the research of modern auditing theory, method, and technology, and takes into account the knowledge and skills of relevant disciplines. It aims to realize the close combination of academic and professional audit specialty, cultivate high-level application-oriented audit professionals with global vision, pioneering spirit, and professional ethics, improve and improve the national high-level audit talent training system, and adapt to the socialist market economy the needs of development and economic globalization.

    Training direction: CPA audit, internal audit, government audit, internal control, and risk management, and project audit.

  • Learning Objectives

    Training characteristics and objectives: this major adopts the group teaching mode, mainly adopts the case teaching method, to cultivate the application-oriented and compound high-level audit professionals with good professional ethics, modern audit theory and technology, and the ability to solve practical audit problems.

  • Featured Courses

    Intercultural Communication and Management
    Audit Ethics and Legal Responsibility
    Dissertation Writing for Master of Professional Accounting
    Business English
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    IT Audit System and Big Data Application
    Construction Project Audit
    Application of Statistics Software
    Digital-enabled Financial Sharing and Transformation
    Intelligent Finance
    Theory and Practice of Public Management
    Financial Accounting Theory and Practice
    Theory and Practice of Financial Management
    Advanced Auditing Theory and Practice
    Design, Assessment and Auditing of Internal Control
    Corporate Financial Report
    Economic Law
    Corporate Governance
    Chinese Tax System and Tax Planning
    Economic Accountability Audit
    Internal Audit
    The Fraud Audit Technology
    Government and Non-profit Organization Accounting

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