• EDP Centre

    EDP Centre is specially set up by School of Economics and Management in 2008 to hold interdisciplinary and comprehensive EDP training. It provides training services for middle and senior officers at public sector, business personnel, management personnel, and technical personnel at home and abroad. "Customized products, high-level faculty, and professional services" are the essential characteristics of EDP training. The advanced education concept, first-class teacher team, international training vision, flexible training plan, rich teaching methods, and high-quality teaching service embody the characteristics of the EDP centre.

    Training modules: Belt and Road Initiative related project,intelligent transportation and logistics, supply chain management and finance, digital transformation of enterprises, financial sharing, Belt and road, international engineering, RICS, etc.

  • Teaching Faculty

    EDP centre has a collection of high-level training teachers and experts both inside and outside the school, with rich training experience. Most of the faculty members have experience as consultants, experts or have studied abroad will ensure the training courses are knowledgeable, practical, advanced, and international.

  • Clients

    Clients: State Intellectual Property Office, Sinopec, China Tietong, China Railway Group Corporation, China Railway Material Trade, China Railway Engineering, China Railway Construction, China Railway Design Consulting Group, China Xinxing Construction, Organization Department of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Science and Technology Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, state-owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and people and civil affairs of Jining City Government, Hohhot Railway Bureau, Xinjiang Autonomous Region Construction Department, Gansu Provincial Construction Department, Harbin Development and Reform Commission, Organization Department of Beijing Municipal Party committee, state-owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Xuanwu District, Yitai Zhundong Railway Co., Ltd., Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., China goods coding center, Beijing public transport group and other Road Bureau groups.

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