Industrial Engineering
  • Program Features

    Industrial Engineering and Management is a modern manufacturing science based on mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and other technologies, involving industrial engineering theory and methodology, operational research tools, human factors engineering, planning facilities, computer technology, and modern integrated manufacturing technology.

    Research Directions: information systems engineering, engineering and project management, industrial systems engineering, intelligent industrial engineering.

  • Learning Objectives

    The program aims to educate future senior applied engineering personnel of management and logistics by providing a strong foundation in industrial engineering management, building skills in industrial engineering facility application, system planning, design and evaluation, and deepening students’ understanding of related engineering fields.

  • Employment

    Planning, design, management, control, consultation, assessment and optimization of management systems for production, operation, and service in relevant institutions, industrial and commercial enterprises, and complex product manufacturing industry, as well as life cycle cost analysis and control of complex products.

  • Featured Courses

    Project management, operation management, management information system, enterprise resource planning (ERP), database management and design, engineering network theory and practice, supply chain design, and power, company information strategy, and management, etc.