The thirteenth “Digital Audit Management of Large-scale Power Grid Enterprises” online live broadcast of the Lecture on Management Innovation for Entrepreneurs was successfully held
Release date: 11-Jun-2020

At 19:00 on June 10, 2020, the 13th session of the Entrepreneur Management Innovation Lecture of the School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, met with students on time. Wei Zubin, deputy director of the Audit Center of State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd., served as the keynote speaker. He talked about cutting-edge knowledge in an online live broadcast. More than 700 teachers and students were watched online.

Mr. Wei Zubin served as the deputy director of the Audit Center of State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in auditing for more than 20 years. He has a Chinese certified public accountant and an international certified internal auditor certificate. He has many years of experience in organizing large-scale power grid audit projects and has participated in company system audits. Information construction and application work.

Mr. Wei Zubin first introduced the implementation background of the digital audit management of State Grid Anhui Electric Power. He said that as a large-scale state-owned backbone enterprise related to the national economy, people's livelihood and national energy security, power grid companies are important targets of government and social supervision. Facing the new situation and new requirements, the audit management of power grid enterprises urgently needs to grasp the mission of the new era, give full play to the role of audit supervision, accelerate the innovation and development of audit work, and continue to create new aspects of audit work.

Mr. Wei Zubin combined his own work and practical experience and took the State Grid Anhui Electric Power as an example to describe the connotation and practices of digital audit management for large power grid companies. State Grid Anhui Electric Power insists on integrating audit work into the overall development of the company in the new era, taking the improvement of supervision and service capabilities as the main line of work, improving audit quality and improving audit efficiency as the orientation, management intensive and business standardization as the development direction, and big data Driven by application, scientifically establish the "two always" work objectives and "five persistence" basic principles of digital audit, build a digital audit management system, and create a digital audit management platform that integrates with emerging technologies. On this basis, with the support of big data technology, we will carry out continuous online audits, actively promote the audit model of business collaborative supervision and regional horizontal integration, relying on the advantages of digital audit management, in-depth audits in key areas of the power grid, and establish a comprehensive talent pool and information security. The combined guarantee system regularly solidifies digital audit results, carries out post-evaluation and continuous improvement, continuously improves audit quality and efficiency, strengthens the comprehensiveness, accuracy and timeliness of risk prevention and control, effectively improves the supervision and service capabilities of power supply enterprises, and promotes enterprises Sustainable and healthy development.

Mr. Wei Zubin proposed that there are seven major innovations in the digital audit management of large power grid companies: clear the guiding ideology and basic principles of digital audit management to improve supervision and service capabilities; build a digital audit management system; develop and apply emerging technologies to create a digital audit management platform; build based on the data-driven continuous audit supervision model, optimize the allocation of resources; rely on the advantages of digital audit management to conduct in-depth audits in key areas of the power grid; take multiple measures simultaneously to provide a strong guarantee for digital audits; solidify digital audit results, carry out post-evaluation and continuous improvement. Finally, summarize the current implementation effects and inspire students to think.

Although the lecture hall was opened in the form of online live broadcast, the students' enthusiasm for learning and communication remained unabated. In the questioning session, everyone raised their own questions based on their learning or practical experience, and Mr. Wei Zubin also answered them in detail. Through this study and exchange, the students have a deeper understanding of audit knowledge and a more cutting-edge understanding of the future digital audit transformation of enterprises, which has benefited a lot.

With the in-depth development of the digital economy and the increasing demand for lifelong learning, the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University and the Management Modernization Working Committee of the China Enterprise Confederation shoulder the social responsibility of fighting the epidemic, helping economic and social development, and jointly launching a series of public welfare live broadcast courses-entrepreneurs Management innovation lecture hall. Leading entrepreneurs in the industry are regularly invited to share the achievements of management modernization and exchange experience, aiming to build a cooperation platform of "production, learning, research and use" between associations, enterprises and universities, to showcase the management achievements of outstanding entrepreneurs in my country, and to exchange and promote outstanding management of Chinese enterprises Experience, promote the theoretical improvement and practical guidance of Chinese management innovation. The series of online lecture activities allow students to maintain their learning and understanding of cutting-edge knowledge at home, and have a deeper understanding of their profession through lively discussions and exchanges online.