The First Semester of MBA International Class of Beijing Jiaotong University has been Successfully Completed
Release date: 15-Nov-2015

On November 15, 2015, the first semester of international MBA class of Beijing Jiaotong University was successfully completed. The MBA International Class of Beijing Jiaotong University is an innovative Program carried out by BJTU in 2015 to expand students' vision and cultivate students' ability to "integrate Chinese and Western cultures ".

This international class is mainly composed of MBA students and international students admitted by BJTU. The program officially started in September 2015. Professor Eric Fang from UIUC, Professor Liu from University of Birmingham, UK, were invited to teach students two courses, Marketing and Organizational Behavior. Professor Fang and Professor Liu have provided students with vivid and rich teaching experience from an international perspective and with Chinese context.

Professor Fang with students

Professor Fang reported the course work in the class of "Marketing"

Professor Liu plays a class game to test people's ability to cooperate and allocate resources

For the second semester of the international class, the class will welcome professor Jack K. Strauss from Denver University and Professor Olli-Pekka from Lappeenranta University for the course of Management Economics and Data Model Decision-Making. Welcome to the class!

International class students have hotpot dinner at the canteen

Feedback from international students

What is the significance of the MBA international program in Beijing Jiaotong University for your personal growth?

Yaqi Chen

First of all, the small English class has greatly improved my English level and my enthusiasm for active English learning. I believe that after two years of study, I will make great progress in all aspects of English listening, speaking, reading and writing. Secondly, teachers with overseas study experience and foreign teachers enable me to fully understand the frontier trends in the field of business administration at home and abroad, broaden my horizon, and integrate Chinese and Western, which is of great significance to my personal development. Third, Beijing Jiaotong University has carried out a variety of cooperation projects with a number of internationally renowned universities. Participating in these projects not only exercises my ability and enriches my experience, but also brightens my resume. I believe it will be beneficial to my future work development and entrepreneurship. At last, I studied with classmates from different backgrounds, and my thoughts collided with each other. I felt the strong learning atmosphere, realized the direction I could work towards, and also expanded my network.

Chi Shuzhang

Before I read MBA, I was a person who didn't have a clear idea about his own planning. in just a few months, the teaching of teachers and the wide range of ideas of my classmates made me gradually have a new understanding of the field of MBA, which also played a very important role in my work. I began to look at my usual work and problems from another perspective, and let me jump out of my original way of thinking. Try to treat work in a new way. At the same time, returning to campus also gives me the opportunity to feel the rich campus life again, which will be the most precious asset of my life.

After more than two months of study, what international environment does BJTU MBA provide?

Yaqi Chen

First of all, as we know before the beginning of the class, the teachers are made up of teachers with foreign learning experience and foreign teachers. They teach in small English classes, and there are several foreign students in our class. We are enthusiastic about learning, actively communicate in class, and actively discuss after class to complete the task. Secondly, since the beginning of the semester, I have participated in various expert and scholar forums, including professors from foreign business schools, and I have gained a lot.

Li Cong

The main thing is the internationalization of teaching. All courses are taught in English, from the most basic business English to the later specialized courses one by one, which not only improves your English level, but also improves your professional ability. In particular, some courses, professional terms, if you do not go back in time to learn to read the word is really difficult, which urges everyone to step up efforts, and constantly improve. It should also be pointed out that many of the teachers in the courses and lectures of the international class are foreign teachers or Chinese teachers who have rich experience in teaching abroad and can impart to us the thoughts in the forefront of the international field, which will bring us a lot of harvest.

Chi Shuzhang

First of all, in terms of teaching methods, each course is equipped with Chinese teachers and foreign teachers, but both Chinese and foreign teachers use English teaching methods, so that we have a brand new language environment and way of thinking. Secondly, in terms of the student atmosphere, there are French and German students in the class, so that we can have a wide exchange between classes and broaden our horizon. We can exchange our domestic life and insights with them, which further increases the internationalization and integration of the class.

There are many foreign teachers in the MBA international class of Beijing Jiaotong University, including teachers from well-known foreign business schools and some well-known foreign enterprises. Which teacher and course did you like best? Has it improved?

Yaqi Chen

The teachers of MBA International class of Beijing Jiaotong University are very good at teaching. They can not only teach in English, but also stimulate the rise of students in terms of teaching methods. Everyone actively communicates in class and the learning atmosphere is very strong. Among all the courses I have taken so far, I like Professor Fang's course the most, and it is also the best one I have ever heard. The knowledge Shared by Professor Fang in class is great help to future career development and improvement of thinking mode.

Li Cong

My favorite teacher is Professor Fang, who teaches marketing. Professor Fang is from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. He has rich research and teaching experience, and also has a global perspective. The atmosphere of his class was lively and relaxed, and his knowledge was clear and clear, which made everyone who came to the class learn a lot. To be honest, in my previous job, I didn't have much training or knowledge in marketing. However, in Professor Fang's class, I listened attentively, thought actively and seriously, and recalled what I had learned after class in combination with my real life. I found that I had indeed improved.

Chi Shuzhang

At present, we only have contact with two foreign teachers in our course, one is Professor Fang, and the other is Professor Liu. They have strong qualifications and are also good examples and learning objects for us. I benefit a lot from all of these.