• Marc Ivaldi, Professor Ivaldi, is currently a professor of economics at the Toulouse Institute of Economics (TSE) and the French Higher Normal University (EHESS), chairman of the International Association for Transport Economics (ITEA), and a researcher at the centre for economic policy research (CEPR). He was a member of the Economic Advisory Group on competition policy of the General Administration for competition (European Commission). Professor Ivaldi is an expert in the use of empirical and quantitative methods in the development of competition and regulatory policies and has provided extensive advice to companies and competition and regulatory authorities on proposed merger and competition issues, particularly in France and Europe. His expertise is the application of industrial organization, the use of econometric methods to evaluate the behavior of companies, the design of business models, the prediction of market equilibrium, the formulation of contractual arrangements and regulatory plans. Most of his work is devoted to the analysis of the network and transport services industries, including railways, aviation, energy, telecommunications, banking and information technology. His research on competition policy involves the division of markets, the measurement of unilateral and coordinated effects, and the influence of cartels. Professor Marc Ivaldi is the editorial board member of economics of transportation and review of network economics. He often speaks at leading conferences and academic forums around the world.