Guidelines for foreign experts applying work permit in China
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1. Qualifications for applying

Foreign experts working in Beijing should get foreign experts work permit in China. When applying work permit in China, foreign experts ought to follow Chinese laws and regulations, be in health and no criminal record. In addition, foreign experts should be in accordance with one of following qualifications:

1.1 Foreign experts are engaged in education, scientific research, press, publication, culture, art, health, sports and so on in Beijing.

1.2 Foreign representatives in China, working in overseas expert organizations or personnel intermediary institutions, are permitted by State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs.

1.3 Foreign professionals and managers, occupied in areas of economics, technique, project, trade, finance, accounting, tax, tourism and so on, enjoy speciality and are scarce in Beijing.

Foreign experts should possess bachelor degree or above and over 5 years’ relevant work experience in terms of Article 1.1. In addition, language teachers ought to master bachelor degree or above, over 2 years’ relevant work experience, and possess teacher certificate in general.

2. Procedures

2.1 Please log in the foreign expert work permit management system of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs(,or via SAFEA online service system. When applying new work permit, work shift, 

2.2 Please send or mail following documents to assigned place when your information gets through the system. 

(1) Application form of foreign expert work permit

(2) Official letter of employer (sealed).

(3) Resume both in Chinese and English versions.

(4) Copies of top academic certificate or professional qualification certificates and their Chinese version.

(5) Health certificate and its copy provided by foreign medical institutions or the Chinese governments appointed health departments, or sealed physical examination after foreign experts arrive.

(6) Employment agreement.

(7) Copies of passport, including family members.

(8) Language teachers should provide TOEFL certificate.

(9) family members provide certificate of kindred.

3. Place 

Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau west office area (No. 5 in Yong Ding Men west street, northeast of Taoranting Bridge), on the 1st floor of China Beijing Labor Market. Contact number: 12333, 63167703