Physical Examination Confirmation Notice for Foreigners
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Foreign workers, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan compatriots, overseas nationals, who manage to conduct work permits and residence permits in China and have already accepted physical examination abroad, enjoy the right to make verification of their test results to health center. Besides, physical examination is valid in six months. 

Physical examination conducted abroad should include lawful inspection items; otherwise, it ought to be complete. 

Foreigners and overseas personnel should bring the original physical test and passport to make verification in Beijing International Travel Health Center. When all the documents are approved, the center issues verification of overseas personnel health check. 

The verification stated above is valid within six months when gets issued. 

Verification procedures:

1.Fill in application form of health check on 1st floor

2.Type in personal information at input table.

3.Verify and test materials


5.Conduct extra physical examination items when necessary

6.Hand over the forms at reception desk on 1st floor


1.Please bring passport or gate pass (for people from HK, Macau and Taiwan). People work in China should carry with 2 color photos (international student:1 photo);

2.Time for drawing verification: when handling in the morning, you can get the verification after 14:00 in the same day afternoon; when conducting in the afternoon, you can draw it after 14:00 on the next day. Place: reception desk on 1st floor.

3.Fee: verification:  60.00 RMB per copy; for work permit 2 copies, for student permit 1copy.

4.Verification of overseas personnel health check is valid in six months.


AM8:30––11:30, PM1:00—4:00 from Monday to Friday