Physical Examination Introduction for entry personnel
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Target group:

1. Foreigners, overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan compatriots who have settled down or resided (or studied) in China for one year or above

2. Foreigners who maintain F, Z visa manage to change identity and conduct residence permit in China.

3. Chinese citizens who would work in mainland and once settled down abroad and in areas of HK, Macau and Taiwan need to conduct temporary residence procedure 


10# De zheng street, haidian District, Beijing. Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center. 

Tel: 010-82403675


Physical examination: AM 8:30~11:00 from Monday to Friday, except national holidays.

Verification: AM 8:30~11:00, PM 1:00~4:00 from Monday to Friday, except national holidays. 

Documents required:

1.Original copies of passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents (MTP) and Valid Exit-Entry Permit (EEP) to HK / Macau;

2.Two-inch color photos in smaller size(employment and other:2photos,international student:1 photo);

Physical examination items:

Medical and surgery test, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, electrocardiograph examination, chest X-ray test, abdomen B ultrasonic and other relevant tests.


physical examination: 645.70 RMB

for overseas students(student ID card or letter of admission is required ): 380.70RMB

verification:  60.00 RMB per copy 


1.Please make health management procedures by yourself within 15 days’ entry, in order to avoid troubles of managing subsequent work and residence permits.

2.If you have physical examination record abroad, please hand it on information desk No1, No2, or No3.

3.If you need X-ray film or hepatitis test, please ask for information desk.

4.If you are in gestation period, please advice information desk on floor 1st.

5.Verification of overseas personnel health examination record is available after 4-day-examination(include the very day)

6.No eating or drinking on the physical examination day.

7.The verification is valid for half a year.


1.If the test result is qualified, you can get the certificate

2.If not, you need to have further examination. Please come to our department to have a recheck with your recheck notification, passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents(MTP) and Valid Exit-Entry Permit(EEP) to HK/Macau.

3.If the verification is unqualified, you need to complete legal physical examination items. Please bring passport or gate pass(for people from HK, Macau and Taiwan). People work in China should carry with 2 color photos(international student:1 photo). Time: AM8:30~11:00 from Monday to Friday(except legal holidays).

Group physical examination:

For over 20 people’s physical examination one time, please make appointment 5 days in advance. Contact: 010-82403675