Alibaba Group: Business Analyst
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Job Description:

1. Work with operation, business and product teams to build business performance measurement models and automated reporting tools.

2. Drive a proactive approach for effiective data management and analysis to create a cadence and culture of performance management, identify issues, and find timely resolution.

3. Offer in depth analysis, develop algorithm and data mining program, which provide business insights and improve business decision accuracy and efficiency.

4. Orient data management flow and data-driven product development, by creating logging, metrics, data visualization solutions, diagnostic tools and management reporting system.

5. Apply structured and logical analysis to better every critical business decision. Enlighten business, empower decision.

Minimum requirement:

1. Proficiency in Excel and SQL expertise.

2. Experience in scripting languages for analysis (R, Python, etc) is a plus.

3. Excellent communication skills and logical thinking ability.

4. Bachelors in Math, Economics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science or other quantitative fields preferred (advanced degrees are a plus).

Meanwhile, we hope you:

1. Strong learning capacity, an inquiring mind, and outstanding adaptability;

2. Proven ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups towards a common goal;

3. Highly passionate about your field of expertise. Capable of critical thinking and self-reflection;

4. Stay positive and believe there are always more solutions than difficulties;

Position Direction: Statistical Analysis/Fundamental Algorithms

Job Location: Hangzhou/Beijing/Shanghai