Step out of the classroom and enter the Enterprise——Professional experience activities of China Railway goods and Trade Co., Ltd
Article source: |Release date: 17-Nov-2020|Clicks:1222

    In order to better to feel the corporate atmosphere, understand the current situation of the industry, and help students clarify the gap between classroom theory and workplace reality, the career Planning Center of the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University held a career experience activity on November 17, 2020. All the students and some graduate students in the career planning center were led by the school Youth League teacher to visit and study the China Railway material Trade, and the visit process was edited into a video. Show the results of the exchange of all the students of the School of Economics and Management.


    At two o'clock, the students set out on time from BJTU. After arriving at the China Railway goods Trade, they were warmly received by the staff, and successively visited the China Railway material Trade Culture Corridor and the centralized purchasing e-commerce platform. I learned about the corporate culture, outstanding performance and advanced technology of China Railway goods and Trade. Subsequently, the leaders of China Railway goods and Trade and the visiting teachers and students of our school held an exchange forum in the conference room and watched the enterprise promotional video together. Finally, all the staff took a group photo and the exchange activity came to a successful conclusion.

    This enterprise visit has perfectly achieved the goal of getting out of the classroom and into the enterprise, not only enabling students to learn business experience, enrich the reserve of knowledge, but also broaden their horizons and appreciate the latest scientific and technological achievements.