The School of Economics and Management was successfully held "Learning, Thinking, Practicing and Comprehending the New Four History, Striving to Be the New Youth of the Times" Red Tide Forum
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    At 7 pm on December 11, 2020, the Red Tide Forum of the School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, "Learning Thinking, Practicing the New Four History, Striving to Be the New Youth of the Times" was successfully held at Sidong 306. Mr. Zhang Wei, the instructor of Economic Management Zhi Xing, the former chairman of Zhiing Zheng Shanqiang, the senior student of the School of Economics and Management, the first party branch secretary Pan Meijing, and the fourth party branch secretary Li Ying attended the forum.


    After introducing the judges and guests attending this forum, the competition officially kicked off. This competition includes two mains links, namely the speech session and the answering session. In the speech session, a representative from each of the 6 groups was sent to speak. Some of the representatives recounted their personal experience in the Communist Party of China, and some explained their understanding of the historical process of the Communist Party of China's founding. In their sonorous and powerful voices, they all show that as contemporary young people, under the call of the Communist Party of China, they constantly understand the development process of socialism with Chinese characteristics and have an understanding of the difficulties China has encountered in the process of realizing socialism with Chinese characteristics. Take history as a teacher. As the party's successor force, we should also learn from the experience and lessons accumulated in development, learn from history, remember the trust in the times, and contribute our own strength to the development of the socialist road to Chinese characteristics.


    After the lecture, Teacher Zhang Wei made a wonderful comment on the performance of the students. Teacher Zhang Wei not only affirmed the outstanding performance of the contestants, but also commented on the speeches of each group separately, and pointed out the highlights and shortcomings of each group. Finally, the teacher encouraged the students to further think about how to combine family and country feelings with professional knowledge and skills as students of Jiaotong University, and even as students of the School of Economics and Management, to make greater contributions to the country.


    Immediately afterwards, the competition entered an exciting question answering session. The question answering session is divided into required answer questions, time-rush questions and risk questions. After the host briefly introduced the competition rules of each link, the answering began. The students fight wits and courage, unite and cooperate, bringing everyone a unique knowledge competition. With the continuous increase in the number of answers, everyone catches up, forming a tense situation regardless of winning or losing. Through the contest of three games, the final ranking was formed.

    At the end of the competition, the staff counted the scores, announced the results of the competition, and the students took a group photo. This forum was successfully completed while the students were still in the mood.


    Don't know the past, there is no future. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Standing in front of major historical nodes, it is even more necessary to encourage college students to thoroughly study party history, new China history, reform and opening up, and socialist development history, and deepen patriotism education. In response to the call of the Ministry of Education, this forum aims to promote learning through competitions through patriotic speeches and offline contests, and educate and guide students to fully grasp the party’s historical development theme, further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, cultivate patriotic feelings, and grow hard. Become a talent. In this forum, the students not only blended in the competitions, gained knowledge about the Four History, but also showed their personal style and gained precious friendship.