The 2020-2021 cadre Council meeting of the Association for economic management, science and technology came to a successful conclusion
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    On December 03, 2020, the 2020-2021 Cadre Council Conference of Student Science and Technology Association of The School of Economics and Management sponsored by the Office of The Economic management Association was successfully held in Yifu 411.


    Attended by Zhang Xinying, Che Yanwei, former chairman of the Association for Economic Management and Science and Technology, the  current  presidium Wang Xiqun, Wang Yuan, Yang Siwen, and the ministers' League and directors.

    The conference was presided over by Wang Junni, director of the office, and Song Jiayi, director of the Research and creation Department. The conference is divided into five parts. In the first part, all the staff watched the publicity video of THE ASSOCIATION, which was taken by members of various departments of the Association. The video showed the elegant demeanor of each department. The second part is the handover ceremony. Zhang Xinying, instructor of THE Association for Economic Management and Science and Technology, issues the letter of appointment and takes a group photo for the presidium of 2020-2021. The third part is the report on the work of the ministers of THE 2020-2021 session of THE ECONOMIC Management Association. The six ministers summarize and look forward to the work of their respective departments and introduce the members of this session. In the fourth part, President Wang Xiqun, minister Representative Xiong Jia and council representative Wu Jinhong of THE 2020-2021 term of ESCWA made speeches. Their passionate speeches all expressed their love for THE ASSOCIATION. At the end of the conference, Zhang Xinying made a speech for the association. In the speech, Zhang Xinying made an overall introduction of the functions of the Association, summarized and affirmed the previous work of the association and put forward a new prospect for the association. I hope the Association can make a further improvement in the New Year! Teacher Zhang Xinying's speech received a positive response. After the conference, all the members took a group photo together to record the precious memories.


    Through this cadre council meeting, all members of THE association for science and technology have a deeper understanding of the functions of each department and the overall work of the association, and have made ideological preparations to actively devote themselves to the work of the association. At the same time, this cadre council meeting also makes the members of various departments of THE ASSOCIATION know and understand each other, creates a good atmosphere of unity and cooperation, enhances the cohesion of the members of the association, and lays a good foundation for the future work of the association.