Our School Participated in the 13th Industry-University-Research Integration Conference in the Field of Logistics and was Awarded as the Excellent Industry-University-Research Base of China Logistics Society in 2019
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From August 20th to 22nd, jointly organized by China Logistics Society, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing and the People's Government of Manzhouli City, the 13th Conference on the Integration of Industry, Education and Research in the field of logistics was held in Manzhouli City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. More than 400 people from all sectors of government, industry, science and research in the field of logistics attended the meeting. Our school stood out from 146 universities and enterprises' bases once again, and was rated as the Excellent Base of China Logistics Society in 2019. This is the fourth time that our school has been awarded the title of "Excellent Industry-University-Research Base" by China Logistics Society in 2016, 2017 and 2018.



SHI Xianliang, Dean of School of Law and Professor of School of Economics and Management, Professor LAN Hongjie, Director of the Department of Logistics Management, Mr. SONG Guang, Deputy Director of the Department of Logistics Management, Ms.ZHAI Yue,  attended the meeting on behalf of the College. The achievements of our institute in the field of logistics in the integration of production, education and research were displayed from all aspects. SHI Xianliang, Part-time Vice President of China Society of Logistics and Professor of our institute, served as one of the hosts of this conference, which demonstrated the important position of the school in the field of logistics. Professor LAN Hongjie, Mr.SONG Guang and Ms.ZHAI Yue participated in the exchange of the conference salon and the school-enterprise meeting of the "the Fifth Ririshun LogisticsMaker’s Campus" respectively.



On the evening of 21st, Mr. SONG Guang made an opening speech on the important research topic of "Legislation Research of Logistics Promotion Law in China". Experts and scholars on the spot gave a relevant evaluation of the significance and research scheme of the subject. In addition, Professor SHI also had a warm communication with experts and scholars. Scholars agreed that the research on logistics promotion law was of landmark significance for the standardization and improvement of the legal system in the logistics industry.



"Logistics Industry, University and Research Combination" is an annual national conference sponsored by China Logistics Association, is also quite influential conference in the logistics field of China. Since 2008, the conference has been successfully held for 12 sessions, launching a number of research results, and facilitating a number of cooperation projects. It has become an effective platform for the industry, universities and research institutes to connect with each other, and received much attention from the business community, universities and research institutions. In recent years, the platform of logistics institute has launched a series of model innovations, such as the interpretation of national logistics policy and the "Ririshun LogisticsMaker’s Campus", which has pushed the University-Enterprise cooperation to a new height.