Symposium for Successive Accounting Postgraduate and Doctoral Program kicks off in October
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Oct 17-18, 2013, the one-and-a-half-day Symposium for Successive Accounting Postgraduate and Doctoral Program was a smooth success. Cui Yongmei, vice party secretary of and deputy president of School of Economics and Management, Xiao Xiang, secretary of Business Administration College and deputy president and some teachers of Accounting Department attended this academic symposium, which was presided over by Ma Zhong, dean of Accounting Department. 

 Cui Yongmei, first of all, extended a warm welcome to Prof. Chen Zeyun from Department of Accounting and Commercial Law of University of Colorado. She continued, the school would hold the regular symposiums for Successive Postgraduate and Doctoral Program, etc., to create the amicable academic atmosphere and enhance the academic level of the postgraduates and improve the postgraduate cultivation quality in hopes that the postgraduates can gain the sound development and fast growth with their dreams as the power in the learning and cooperation process and also cherish time valuable time on campus to achieve their ideal dreams with assiduous labor and persistent efforts.

 This Symposium is composed of two separate parts, respectively the academic lecture and academic report. In the former part, Prof. Chen introduced the history, current situation and prospect concerning the publishing of research papers focusing on the research of the Chinese issues at international journals and shared his own experience and understanding in this respect, with emphasis laid upon the design ideas of the research paper published at JAR(Journal of Accounting Research), a top-grade International Accounting Journal in 2010, and at last, he centered round his latest two work papers and conducted an in-depth discussion with the teachers and students present at the symposium. In the academic report part on the next day, four students attending Successive Accounting Postgraduate and Doctoral Program gave their respective reports about their own latest researches and shared a profound discussion with the teachers and other students present at the symposium.

 Ma Zhong and Li Yuanhui, two teachers from Accounting Department delicately scheduled this symposium, effectively facilitating the teachers and students in full preparation for reading through the contents of the symposium in advance. Everyone attending the symposium expressed that they benefited considerably from this symposium, having identified the clearer awareness and positioning of their respective research orientation in great expectation for the convening of the next academic symposium.