Academician Lee Chung-Yee from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) tours our school with academic report
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On October 28, 2013, “Academician Campus Tour”- Master Forum sponsored by Postgraduate Work Department and School of Economics and Management at Science Assembly Hall. Academician Lee Chung-Yeeof Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences, chair professor of Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Zhangyingcan Engineering professor, founder and current director of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research Institute delivered a report entitled “Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Management”. On the afternoon of 29, the faculty and students of our school also attended a special academic lecture. 
Prior to the report, Yan Wu’er, deputy party secretary of our school met Academician Lee Chung-Yee. Qu Xiaoting, director of Postgraduate Work Department and deputy president of Postgraduate School, Zhang Mingyu, party secretary of School of Economics and Management, Cui Yongmei, deputy secretary and concurrently deputy president, Zhang Juliang, president of Management Engineering School joined in the meeting. The report meeting was presided over by Zhang Mingyu. 200-odd teachers and students were present at the report meeting. 
Lee Chung-Yee gave a brief introduction of the overall development and current status of the logistics industry, particularly the maritime logistics features and advantages, systematically interpreting the current Ocean container supply chain operations and influencing factors and also gave the easily acceptable explanation of the academic core problems related to the empty container problems, speed ??reduction and pricing mechanism. He pointed out, the current logistics talents should be highly endowed with the excellent communicative abilities, math-based problem-solving ability, information technical ability, business knowledge and other comprehensive qualities. At last, Prof. Lee Chung-Yee shared a full exchange with the teachers and students present at the meeting involving such problems as the port charging model for shipping companies, HK maritime logistics transfer orientation, integration of maritime logistics with railway logistics, profit-making model for maritime logistics, the distinction and connection of maritime supply chain and other supply chain, etc. 
On the afternoon of October 29, at SD611 Meeting Room, Lee Chung-Yee presented an academic lecture entitled “How to Publish Papers in Good Journals”. The lecture was presided over by Cui Yongmei, deputy secretary and deputy president of the School and all members of the leadership of School of Economics and Management and some teachers coupled with 50-odd postgraduates attended the lecture. Prof. Lee centered on all major links related to the publishing of a high-quality research paper, delicately introducing the topic selection, drafting, contribution and amendment of the research paper, involving the specific studies and contents, methods and instructions, etc., particularly in view of the selection of the research orientation, identification of the target journal and modification of paper, fully sharing his valuable experience in the past years and also answering the questions raised by teachers and students as to how to effectively write a high-quality research paper. Academician Lee Chung-Yee, at the kind invitation of Zhang Juliang, President of Management Engineering School, gave us series of academic reports at our school. 
Profile of Chung-Yee LeeDr. Chung-Yee Lee graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, in 1972, and obtained his Ph.D in Operations Research at Yale University in 1984. In 2001 he joined Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) and served as Head of Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management of HKUST during 2001- 2008. Before joining HKUST in 2001, he was Rockwell Chair Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M University. He worked as a plant manager and also had few years consulting experience in Taiwan. In the past 30 years he has engaged in more than 40 research projects. In August 2011, Prof. Lee led the scientific research team and advanced the proposal “Hong Kong Maritime Logistics Transformation and Rejuvenation”, which won the scientific research fund up to 13 million HK dollars from Hong Kong Government. Prof. Lee has published more than 130 papers in internationally famous journals. According to an article in Int. J. Prod. Eco., which looked at all papers published in the 20 core journals during last 50 years in the field of production and operations management, he was ranked No. 6 among all researchers worldwide in h-index. Prof. Lee has served as editor-in-chief of “IIE Transactions on Scheduling and Logistics” for four consecutive years. Currently he is the editorial board member of several leading international journals, particularly including Operations Research, Production and Operations Management, and Naval Research Logistics, etc.