MBA Center convened a seminar over MBA Education Program for School of Economics and Management
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 On November 28, 2013, MBA Center convened a seminar over MBA Education Program (2013 Revision Version) at RM 611 in East Siyuan Building. Liu Shifeng, Deputy president of Postgraduate School, Hao Shengyue, deputy president of School of Economics and Management, Prof. Li Peixuan and Prof. Zhang Qiusheng, etc., coupled with nearly 30 other teachers and working staff attending this seminar, which was presided over by Lu Haijun, director of MBA Center.
Hao Shengyue announced the start-up of the reform of MBA Education Program Solution (2013 Revision Version) of Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) and gave the brief analysis of the current MBA education situations, encouraging other teachers present at the seminar to have an extensive exchange of ideas about the problems confronting MBA Program with better constructive proposals so as to delicately and seriously amend the MBA Education Program Solution. Later, Lu Haijun gave a detailed presentation of the necessity of the adjustment of the MBA Education Program Solution, the current development trend of the current MBA program, the successful experience for the same program of other peers, the reform blueprint, foundation, features and curriculum setting and other relevant contents to all teachers and participants present at the seminar and expressed his thanks to them in hopes that we can work together to amend and upgrade the MBA Education Program Solution with the full support and assistance from all faculties and working staff. 
All participants of the seminar shared a warm and fruitful discussion over the development and building of cases of MBA Education Program Solution (2013 Revision Version),module setting, teaching models and other relevant contents thus involved and put forward the constructive suggestions and proposals.  
This seminar opens up a good start for the work related to the amendment to the MBA Education Program Solution (2013 Revision Version) of our school, which will be of great significance to the development of our school’s MBA Education. MBA Center will further organize the corresponding experts for in-depth discussion and improvement of our school’s MBA Education Program Solution based on this seminar so that we can earnestly enhance our school’s MBA education quality and establish the famous brand of BJTU MBA Education Program .