Seminar on Integrated Personnel Training held by SEM
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Introduction of the lecture:

To implement spirit of the meeting held by our school in 2014 for personnel training, SEM convened the seminar on integrated personnel training in No. 611 conference room of Siyuan East Building on July 14th, 2014. The seminar was presided by Dean Zhang Qiusheng with participants including Yan Wuer - deputy secretary of the Party committee, Li Changchun - chief of the Academic Affairs Office, Guo Xuemeng - assistant dean of the graduate school, Shi Zhenjun - chief of Enrollment and Employment Office, leaders of the SEM, department heads, assistant deans in charge of graduate students from branch institutes, person in charge of Degree Program and teacher representatives. 

Li Changchun, chief of the Academic Affairs Office, introduced the general background for our school to held the seminar on integrated personnel training. Guo Xuemeng, assistant dean of the graduate school, elaborated essentials of current work on BMD integration. Shi Zhenjun, chief of Enrollment and Employment Office, gave an interpretation concerning "Integration of Admission - Training - Employment" and introduced the reform orientation for college entrance examination. 

Zhangli and Cui Yongmei - assistant deans of SEM, respectively introduced ideas and initiatives for integrated construction of recruitment, training and employment. Professor Zhang Juliang, Professor Zhou Yaodong, Professor Zhang Wensong and Professor Song Shouxin also shared their views on integrated training. 

Zhang Qiusheng said: Personnel training is the top priority. Process of the integrated personnel training shall clarify its objectives, fulfill mission of the integrated training, set up evaluation system, identify post responsibilities, combine training for bachelor and master, and create a functional management system. 

At last, Secretary Yan made a summing-up for the seminar, pointing out that same direction, consistency and mutual combination are three key factors for integrated training. Only by well combining four aspects of integration on "training - admission - employment", "teaching and research", "Training for bachelor and master" and "moral education and academic education", could our school create a comprehensive system for integration. 

This seminar provided a more well-defined idea for integrated personnel training of SEM, acting as a driving factor for training on innovative talents.