“Time and Space Economic Salon”:Real-Time Accurate Position and Protection of Rail Transport (RAPPORT)
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Introduction of the speaker:

Ronghui Liu is the Professor of Networks and Transport Operations at the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds. Having obtained her BS from Peking University and PhD from Cambridge University. Prof Liu is a world-reknowed expert in transportation network simulation and optimisation and had published over 60 journal papers. She has held editorial positions with IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems, IET Journal of Intelligent Transport Systems, etc. She has been members of numerous organisation and international advisory committee (IAC) for international conferences; the most significant of which is her election as the first female IAC member of ISTTT – the best transportation conference.

Introduction of the lecture:

Time : 10:00-12:00am,June 8, 2018

Venue: SD 307

Real-Time Accurate Position and Protection of Rail Transport (RAPPORT)

Safe and efficient delivery of rail services relies on accurate location and monitoring of fleet assets. Limitations of existing systems restrict the capability to provide accurate train locations, particularly in long track sections where positional recording is infrequent and local information may be unreliable. This talk reports the latest findings on the benfits of real-time accurate location and timing information of trains on network capacity and on incident responses.