Circular about Application for 2013 Baosteel Top Student Award
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According to Circular on 2013 Baosteel Education Award Student Selection Work ([2013] School No. 6), the circular on recommending Baosteel Top Student Awards and Special Awards is put as follows.

First, Targets

In-school full-time undergraduates

Second, Requirements

1. Love our motherland, support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, comply with national laws, school regulations and rules, have good moral character and behavior habits, and be honest and trustworthy.

2. Be diligent, outstanding in academic results, and have a certain learning ability, creative ability, operational ability, ability in flexible use of knowledge, ability in oral and written language (Hereinafter referred to as “five abilities”).

3. Respect teachers, love classmates, ready to help others, take an active part in social practice and public welfare activities, undertake social work, and have team spirit

4. Take an active part in physical exercise, sound in body and mind, optimistic and enterprising.The University will propose special top students among Baosteel Top Student Award winners for the selection of Baosteel Top Student Special Awards.

5. Baosteel scholarships are special scholarships of the university. Applicants shall meet the requirements of the Student Handbook.

Third, Application methods:

Students intended to apply for Baosteel Top Student scholarship submit scholarship applications to Teacher Zhang Xinying at Sidong 501 by 12 a.m. on September 16.