The Sub-Forum of School of Economics and Management of the 2nd Beijing Jiaotong University Knowledge and Practice International Youth Scholar Forum Held Successfully
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From June 25 to 26, the Second Beijing Jiaotong University Knowledge and Practice International Youth Scholar Forum was held in the Science Hall. More than 80 talented young scholars from world-class universities and research institutes such as MIT, Stanford University, Harvard University, Oxford University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Cambridge University, University College London and Nanyang Technological University has gathered together. The School of Economics and Management held a sub-forum and more than ten outstanding young scholars from overseas attended the event.

Dean of School of Economics and Management Professor Zhang Qiusheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He warmly welcomed the overseas scholars and pointed out that the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University has a profound history of one hundred years and is the first institution of higher learning in China to train modern managerial talents. With strong discipline development and strong scientific research strength, the School is actively carrying out international certification and preparations for the construction of the new campus. It welcomes the participation of overseas outstanding young scholars to work hard together for the construction of business schools leading China's industrial development.

At the meeting, professors from the three first-level discipline of applied economics, business administration, management science and engineering introduced the development of each discipline to the participants. The responsible person of Applied Economics, Professor Lin Xiaoyan introduced the members of discipline team, the achievements of discipline development and the advantages of transportation economy and industrial economics. Professor Wu Wenbing of business administration introduced the prospects of joining the School of Economics and Management from the different perspectives of university development, school advantages and discipline ranking. Professor Liu Yisheng, who is responsible for management science and engineering, shared the advantages of discipline development in light of its general situation, research direction and echelon, scientific research and academic exchanges.


Later, more than ten overseas scholars, including associate professor at Essex University Yan Cheng, doctoral student from MIT Xie Yiyun, doctoral student from Birmingham University Yu Xinyu, and senior lecturer, associate professor and doctoral supervisor from Macquarie University School of Management Shi Yang, shared the latest research findings. Professor Zhou Yaodong, Professor Lan Hongjie, Associate Professor Peng Zhaoqi, Associate Professor Qin Qiuli and 15 young teachers of the College participated in the meeting and exchanged their opinions with the guests.

On the morning of June 26, Dean Zhang Qiusheng had a discussion with the young scholars participating in the conference to introduce the specific issues of teaching, scientific research and personal development in Beijing Jiaotong University to the participants. He said that the School would do its utmost to provide a development platform and life guarantee for the newly recruited young scholars and support the teaching and research work of young scholars in an all-round way. The School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University expects the participation of outstanding young scholars at home and abroad.    

This forum lasts for two days. Through the main forum themed lecture, sub-forum academic exchanges, symposium, visits to school history museum, laboratories and many other activities, this forum builds a platform for excellent young scholars at home and abroad to fully exchange idea, to cooperate with other scholars and to get to know Beijing Jiaotong University at close range. It is also of great significance to improve the international influence of the School, introduce outstanding overseas scholars and enhance the strength of the teaching staff.