The TSTE 2023 Transport Economics Editor-in-Chief Meeting was successfully held at Beijing Jiaotong University
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From November 27 to December 6, 2023, the 11th "Transportation and Spatio-Economic Forum" International Conference (TSTE 2023), featuring the Transport Economics Editor-in-Chief Face-to-Face Meeting, was successfully held at Beijing Jiaotong University. Co-hosted by the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University and the Elsevier Group, the conference invited editors-in-chief of seven top-tier journals in the field of transportation economics to share the unique features of their journals and offer manuscript submission advice. They also shared their latest research on the theme of "High-Quality Development in Transportation." The conference was conducted via ZOOM and was simultaneously broadcast live on Elsevier's video channel and service number.



The conference was lauded for its high-level positioning, cutting-edge themes, rich content, multi-dimensional interaction, and innovative event format. It attracted a record-breaking participation of 49,754 attendees from both domestic and international spheres, including scholars and students from 413 universities and research institutions around the world, such as the University of Cambridge, University of Michigan, Politecnico di Milano, University of Leeds, National University of Singapore, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tongji University, Zhejiang University, and Sun Yat-sen University.


The seven invited editors-in-chief were: Karen Smilowitz from Northwestern University for Transport Science, Chandra Bhat from the University of Texas at Austin for Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Nikolas Geroliminis from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne for Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Shuaian Wang from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Jonas De Vos from University College London for Transport Reviews, Frank Witlox from Ghent University for Journal of Transport Geography, and Xiaowen Fu from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for Case Studies on Transport Policy.


The conference was divided into two major segments. The first segment comprised six editor-in-chief special lectures, with each editor sharing their latest research on "High-Quality Development in Transportation," followed by in-depth reviews by two renowned scholars in the same field. The second segment was a general assembly of all editors, analyzing the positioning, characteristics, review processes, and requirements of their journals, and addressing key points and challenges in writing and submission.


The first segment's special lectures were held from November 27 to 30, and December 4 to 5, 2023. Topics included causal analysis of factors influencing housing choices, carpooling service efficiency for urban congestion and multimodal transport, air travel choice, logistics and transportation system management, tourism perception, and lighting the way for urban cycling in the dark. These lectures covered various hot topics such as urban housing, urban transport and carpooling, pandemic impacts on air transport, logistics, tourism and transport, and road cycling, providing deep economic insights for the attendees.


Each of the six lectures was chaired by professors and associate professors from the School of Economics and Management at Beijing Jiaotong University. Following each lecture, two invited scholars provided precise reviews, deepening the understanding of the forefront research in terms of research design, data acquisition and processing, conclusion applicability, and policy implications. The Q&A sessions were vibrant with attendees actively engaging in discussions with the lecturers and reviewers.


The general assembly on December 6, 2023, brought together all seven editors, who introduced their journals and provided manuscript submission advice. Hosted by Professor Wang Yacan from Beijing Jiaotong University, the session was opened with remarks from Professor Shi Xianliang, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, and Chris Pringle, Senior Publisher of Transportation Research Journals at Elsevier. Dean Shi expressed sincere gratitude to the participants and highlighted the meeting's effectiveness in providing an international academic exchange platform. Mr. Pringle acknowledged the journals' significant roles and influence in the field of transportation economics.


The editors engaged in in-depth exchanges with domestic experts and young scholars, introducing their journals' positioning, characteristics, research themes, submission and acceptance status, and based on their extensive reviewing experience, provided specific advice on writing, hot topics, and the submission and revision process. They also focused on Chinese topics, discussing recent submission trends from Chinese scholars. The response from attendees was enthusiastic, with many raising questions through ZOOM and other communication channels. The editors provided detailed answers, clarifying doubts, especially those of young researchers, regarding manuscript preparation and submission. This face-to-face meeting of transport economics editors significantly contributed to the localization of academic research, diversified communication channels, broadened exchange spaces, and internationalized academic influence in the discipline.


The conference's theme, "High-Quality Development in Transportation," reflects the inevitable requirements for the healthy development of the global economy and transportation systems in the new technological and world economic-political context. The participating editors shared cutting-edge research on sub-topics such as urban housing and transport, urban traffic and commuting, transportation and logistics, and air travel, greatly expanding the academic horizons of transportation researchers, faculty, and students worldwide, and promoting the interaction and assimilation of transportation research findings globally. This contributes to technological innovation collaboration, the development of the transportation discipline, and the creation of a first-class innovative ecosystem.


Furthermore, the success of the TSTE 2023 Transport Economics Editor-in-Chief Face-to-Face Meeting not only enhanced the international communication level and academic influence of transportation research at Beijing Jiaotong University but also provided new attempts for international talent cultivation. It contributed to the construction and practice of a new "Four-Through" talent cultivation model (integrated undergraduate and graduate education, interdisciplinary integration, industry-academia collaboration, international exchange) under the national strategy of a strong transportation nation. The conference drew active participation from faculty and students, particularly from Beijing Jiaotong University, who engaged in lectures and direct dialogues with the editors. The ongoing communication channels established through the conference organization and communication groups facilitate academic dialogues and exchanges with domestic and international scholars in the field of transportation. This sustainable communication and dialogue mechanism provides a new channel for faculty and students to deepen their professional knowledge, engage in interdisciplinary learning, and conduct academic research. Additionally, the faculty involved in transportation research at the university can leverage these communication channels to establish academic collaborations with outstanding scholars in related sub-fields of transportation and explore joint student training projects, thereby helping to build a Four-Through education and teaching model and cultivate outstanding talents for China's transportation industry and research leaders.


In the future, the "Transportation and Spatio-Economic Forum" International Conference (TSTE), including the "Editor-in-Chief Face-to-Face" meeting, will inherit and develop these successful experiences. Following the motto of "Knowledge and Action," grounded in China's development and converging global strengths, the series aims to effectively assist in building a strong transportation nation in China, actively promote high-quality development of urban transportation and economics, continuously advance the construction of a high-quality global transportation system, and effectively promote sustainable growth in transportation and economics worldwide.