Embrace the Team, Unite Us | The 2023 International Student Quality Expansion Activity of the School of Economics and Management at Beijing Jiaotong University has come to a successful end
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On November 18 and 19, 2023, under the leadership of Professor Liu Yingqi, Director and Project Director of the Department of Enterprise Management at our School of Economics and Management, Gu Lin, Counselor of the International Student Class for the Doctoral Degree Program of Business Administration at the Ministry of Commerce, Ding Zhengyang and Zhang Le from the MBA Center of the School of Economics and Management, and Wang Ping from the Employment Guidance Center of the School of Economics and Management, all students of the International Student Class for the Doctoral Degree Program of Business Administration at the 2022 and 2023 levels of the Ministry of Commerce as well as international MBA program students from the 2023 cohort, they participated in this exciting and unparalleled quality development activity. After two unforgettable days, this event came to a successful conclusion with laughter.

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On the morning of the 18th, teachers and students took the school bus from Beijing Jiaotong University on time and embarked on the journey to Jiuhua Mountain Villa in Changping, Beijing. The laughter and joy along the way, after arriving at the destination, the students participated in a series of outdoor ice breaking games under the guidance of their teachers.

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After lunch, under the guidance of a professional coach, the international students learned African dance and African drums. Everyone is wearing African style headwear and African clothing, fully immersed, following the rhythm, and experiencing the charm of African culture.

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After dinner, Teacher Wang Ping brought a lecture on career planning and development to the students. Through interactive games, students learned about the importance and skills of career planning. During the class, the teachers interact and exchange ideas with everyone, providing guidance and inspiring students to think about future career planning and development.

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The next morning, the students conducted morning exercises under the guidance of the coach and played an interesting team collaboration game. Through division of labor and cooperation, everyone demonstrated the power of unity and personal talent in the process of writing calligraphy.

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In the afternoon, the students experienced curling and appreciated the charm of this traditional ice sports event. Both students who are new to curling and those familiar with it have fully experienced the joy of teamwork and competition.

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This 2-day event not only broadened the horizons of students, enhanced the team cohesion and cooperation ability of international students, but also made them feel the warmth and care of the college and teachers. We believe that this expansion activity will become the most unforgettable page in the lives of international students; And in their future learning, students will continue to move forward with more enthusiasm and a positive attitude!