The Ministry of Commerce's foreign aid training program "New Forms of Foreign Trade in Developing Countries and International Logistics Management Training Course" has successfully concluded
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From October 11 to October 31, 2023, the foreign aid training project "New Foreign Trade Forms and International Logistics Management Training Course for Developing Countries", organized and implemented by the Ministry of Commerce and the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University, completed the 21-day training plan. The training project has come to a successful end. 23 government officials and business backbones from 8 countries, including Poland, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, Türkiye, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, and Peru participated in the training.


Group photo of the training class

Opening ceremony:

On the morning of October 11th, the class opening ceremony was held in Conference Room 306 of Siyuan East Building, with Vice President Jing Tao attending and delivering a speech. Vice President Jing Tao extended a warm welcome to the 23 officials who participated in the seminar, emphasizing that in the context of the current "the Belt and Road Initiative", our school actively serves the country's primary strategic needs, vigorously promotes internationalization, and actively expands education and scientific research cooperation with countries in essential fields such as foreign trade and international logistics. In addition, Mr. Maciej Konarski, a Chinese affairs expert from the International Cooperation Department of the Polish Ministry of Development and Technology, delivered a speech as a representative of the trainees. He pointed out that with the promotion of the two governments, the relationship between China and Poland has been continuously advancing, and new areas and contents of cooperation continue to emerge. Liu Xiaofang, Vice Dean of the School of International Education, and Bi Fei, Deputy Director of the International Department, attended the opening ceremony.


Speech by Vice President Jing Tao


Mr. Maciej Konarski gave a speech

Training content:

This seminar is the first offline foreign aid training class organized by the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University after the COVID-19 epidemic. During the training period, 11 college teachers conducted 17 classroom lectures, 13 visits and inspections, and three cultural experiences for students from various developing countries. The lecture covered China's primary national conditions and macroeconomic analysis, China's railway development and business management system, China Europe regular train and the development of the Asia Europe railway corridor, smart city and logistics management, financial models for infrastructure construction in developing countries, new forms of foreign trade and tax policies, and other levels, as well as international logistics supply chain, the Belt and Road and China Europe regular train, investment economy, and financial models and other key issues.


Teaching by Teacher Wu Jianhong


Lecture by Teacher Li Hongchang


Teaching by Teacher Peng Zhaoqi

In addition to learning professional knowledge, teachers from the International Affairs Office of the School of Economics and Management also led training courses to visit Tiananmen Square, the China Railway Museum, the Juyongguan Great Wall, and other places. The students appreciate China's magnificent momentum in Tiananmen Square and experience the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people in front of the Monument to the People's Heroes. Go deep into the railway museum and train model, witness firsthand the "Chinese speed" in the construction and development of high-speed rail, Standing on the Great Wall of Juyongguan, looking into the distance, and experience the heroic spirit of defending our country through thousands of years. The tourism activities have provided students with a deeper understanding and experience of China's history, showcasing the customs and social style of the century-old capital Beijing, and making them feel the diversity and inclusiveness of Chinese culture, as well as the resilience, enthusiasm, and peace of the Chinese people.


Tiananmen Square


Railway Museum


Juyongguan Great Wall

In addition, this training course adopts a combination of theory and practice. The students conduct on-site inspections of logistics enterprises, foreign trade enterprises, and distribution centers in Beijing, Qingdao, and Hangzhou, experiencing Chinese culture firsthand, experiencing China's historical culture and the development achievements of new formats up close, learning Chinese experience and wisdom, and gaining a deeper understanding of a real, three-dimensional, and comprehensive China.

On October 16th, I visited the Beijing Xianglong Distribution Branch to exchange ideas and learn about advanced modern comprehensive logistics enterprises' management methods and operational models. On October 20th, I visited China Railway Material and Trade Group Co., Ltd. for inspection and learning about China's advanced material trade and centralized procurement experience.


Beijing Xianglong Logistics (Enterprise Visit)


China Railway Material and Trade Group (Enterprise Visit)

The students visited Qingdao and Hangzhou for inspection from October 17th to 19th and 23rd to 26th. During the exchange in Qingdao, a group of trainees went to the headquarters of Hisense Group to learn about home appliance foreign trade logistics, went to the Electronic Information City to observe new cross-border e-commerce formats, and went to the Qingdao Cruise Home Port Passenger Transport Company to learn about the integrated logistics operation system of sea, land, and air, learn from China's experience, and feel the wisdom of China. At the same time, the teachers also led the trainees of the training class to visit Qingdao Zhanqiao, Badaguan, and other places to carry out regional cultural experience activities.


Qingdao High Speed Rail Station


Hisense Group Co., Ltd. (Enterprise Visit)


Qingdao Cruise Home Port Passenger Transport Company (Enterprise Visit)


Qingdao Cultural Experience

In Hangzhou, the students went to the Four Seasons Green Clothing Distribution Center to investigate the distribution mode of fast-moving consumer goods. They went to Hangzhou Merchants Shekou · Yunhe Network Valley for enterprise visits and internships, exploring international cooperation models in high-end industries, and experiencing the digital innovation vitality of Hangzhou from zero distance. At the same time, cultural heritage experience activities will be held in West Lake, known as the "paradise on earth", to enable international friends to experience the poetry and painting of Hangzhou.


Hangzhou East High Speed Railway Station


China Merchants Shekou · Canal Network Valley (Enterprise Investigation)


Hangzhou West Lake Cultural Experience

It is worth mentioning that the investigation in Hangzhou coincided with the birthday of Ms. Deen Kadijatu Aminatan, a Sierra Leonean student. The students celebrated her birthday in a foreign country together. After seeing such a surprise, she also left moved with tears and thanked her Chinese friends for preparing her thoughtful birthday.


Live Celebration Map

Closing Ceremony:

On the afternoon of October 31st, the closing ceremony of the "New Forms of Foreign Trade and International Logistics Management Seminar for Developing Countries" was held in Conference Room 306, East Building of Siyuan. Secretary Li Tong of the School of Economics and Management attended and delivered a speech. In the project summary, Secretary Li reviewed the course content, enterprise visits, and cultural inspections involved in this training. He sincerely hopes the students can bring back the knowledge and culture from this training course to their respective countries, promote friendly exchanges with China, and deepen trade connectivity. At this point, the foreign aid training project "New Foreign Trade Forms and International Logistics Management Seminar for Developing Countries" sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by the School of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University has come to a successful conclusion.


Speech by Secretary Li Tong