School of Economics and Management and Lenovo Group hold a school enterprise cooperation and exchange meeting
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On October 23, 2023, Qiu Xiaodong, Vice Dean of the School of Economics and Management, and a delegation visited Lenovo Group. Xu He, a 96th-grade alumnus of our school, the Chief Transformation Officer of Lenovo Group's Global Supply Chain, and the CEO of Liansheng Zhida (Hainan) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., along with his executive team, received and held a school-enterprise cooperation exchange meeting.


Xu He warmly welcomed the visit of his alma mater teachers and briefly introduced the development of Lenovo Group and Liansheng Zhida. He stated that since its establishment in 1984, Lenovo has served the country through industry, emphasizing the leadership of technological innovation, focusing on the real economy, and continuously developing from the IT field to industrial operation and investment groups. As an external empowerment platform for Lenovo's global supply chain, Liansheng Zhida relies on Lenovo's rich management experience and allocates global resources to assist Chinese enterprises in their supply chains' digital and international transformation. The alma mater has significant disciplinary advantages and far-reaching influence in logistics. He hopes to strengthen connections and cooperation, jointly cultivate talents, conduct scientific research, deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises, and promote high-quality development.

Qiu Xiaodong introduced the development and innovation achievements of the school and the college in recent years from aspects such as talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, and international exchanges, especially the "Four Links" talent cultivation model, think tank construction, Xiong'an New Campus planning, and business school certification. He stated that Lenovo's vision of serving the country through industry is highly aligned with the vision of the School of Economics and Management as a business school leading China's industrial development. He hopes to work with Lenovo and focus on Liansheng Zhida to provide intellectual support in the fields of logistics and supply chain, as well as in the development of service industries.

Professor Lan Hongjie briefly introduced the basic situation of the Logistics Management Department, including the construction of the logistics discipline, development of the teaching staff, research fields for teachers, student internship practice, and participation in competitions.

Subsequently, both schools and enterprises had in-depth exchanges on student internship practices, enterprise visits and sales, industry research breakthroughs, international trade and certification, and other aspects.

Afterward, the group visited the Lenovo Future Center.