Our school hosts the 23rd International Conference on Human Machine Environmental Systems Engineering
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On October 21st, the 23rd International Conference on Human Machine Environment Systems Engineering (MMESE2023) was successfully held at Beijing Jiaotong University. This forum is jointly organized by our school, Beijing Kecui Institute of Human Machine Environment System Engineering Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and the Key Laboratory of Human Machine Environment System Engineering of China National Ordnance Industry Group. Professor Long Shengzhao, founder of Man Machine Environment System Engineering; Guo Aike, academician of the CAS Member; Liu Shunda, vice chairman of Qian Xuesen's Decision Advisory Committee; Li Ming, the last secretary of academician Qian Xuesen, and Shang Xiaopu, vice president of the School of Economics and Management, attended the opening ceremony of the forum. Vice President Gao Yan participated in the forum and delivered a speech. Professor Ye Long hosts the forum from the School of Economics and Management.


Human-machine environment system engineering is a comprehensive interdisciplinary technological science established in China under the personal guidance of the great scientist Qian Xuesen. Since its establishment, the Human Machine Environment System Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Systems Engineering has always adhered to Qian Xuesen's scientific spirit. The "International Conference on Human Machine Environment System Engineering" is an annual high-level academic seminar organized by the society. This conference focuses on the opportunities and challenges of new technologies in the era of artificial intelligence, closely focusing on the theme of "cutting-edge exploration of human machine environment system engineering science in the new intelligence era", and is committed to exploring how to optimize the combination of the three critical elements of human, machine, and environment, to achieve the three primary system goals of "safety, efficiency, and economy" in the era of artificial intelligence. As the most influential academic activity in this field, this conference attracted hundreds of experts and scholars from domestic and foreign countries to submit, participate in, and exchange ideas. At the meeting, Guo Aike, an academician of the CAS Member, Professor Wen Tiejun of the Renmin University of China, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, Professor Dong Weihua, Director of the Center for Geospatial Cognition and Visual Analysis of Beijing Normal University, Professor Wu Changxu, Chairman of the Department of Industrial Engineering of Tsinghua University, and Director of the Future Human Factors Research Office, Professor Ye Long and other scholars from the School of Economics and Management at Beijing Jiaotong University shared academic reports on the evolution of the brain and mind, the development of the human machine environment system in the financial capital stage, the basic theory and methods of geospatial brain intelligent navigation, the unified modeling of human cognition and behavior, and the construction and application of a safety guarantee system for rail transit drivers from the perspective of both ability and health. These reports received enthusiastic responses from the attending representatives.


Hosting this forum is a platform for scholars in our school's field to communicate with domestic and foreign scholars, showcasing our innovative achievements in human-machine environment complex system engineering in transportation. We actively implement the grand goal of "making positive contributions to the progress of science and technology in China and even the world," proposed by the great scientist Qian Xuesen, and enhance our academic influence in human-machine environment system engineering. Our school's School of Economics and Management, as well as the provincial and ministerial level platform for humanities and social sciences - Beijing Humanities and Transportation, Science and Technology Transportation, and Green Transportation Research Base, jointly organized this forum.