The school held a donation ceremony for Hisense laser projection
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On October 9, 2023, the Hisense Laser Projection Donation Ceremony was held in Conference Room 611, Siyuan East Building. Chen Lei, Deputy Director of the School's External Liaison and Cooperation Office and Deputy Secretary General of the Education Foundation, Gao Fahong, General Manager of the Human Resources Department of Hisense Group Refrigerator Company, and Qiu Xiaodong, Deputy Dean of the School of Economics and Management, attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Zhang Xinying, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics and Management.


Chen Lei expressed sincere gratitude to Hisense Group for its long-term support for the education cause of Beijing Jiaotong University. He pointed out that Hisense Group has always provided strong support for cultivating high-quality talents and improving students' comprehensive quality through the establishment of awards and scholarships, support for students' scientific and cultural activities, and the establishment of student internship practice platforms. Donating this laser projection will further assist in updating and upgrading the school's infrastructure, effectively improving the educational conditions. We hope that Hisense will continue to pay attention to the development and construction of Jiaotong University and jointly cultivate more high-quality innovative talents to serve the national strategic needs.


Gao Fahong stated that Beijing Jiaotong University has a long history of education and distinct disciplinary characteristics. As China's first higher education institution dedicated to cultivating management talents, it has cultivated many capable and pragmatic management elites for various industries. The spirit of "unity of knowledge and action" of Jiaotong University is highly compatible with the values of "honesty, integrity, practicality, and innovation" of Hisense. It is a great honor to contribute to the construction of the university. Hisense has permanently attached great importance to fulfilling social responsibilities and hopes to work together with Jiaotong University in the long term to make due contributions to promoting high-quality talent cultivation and the development of China's education industry.


On behalf of the School of Economics and Management, Qiu Xiaodong warmly welcomed the delegation led by Hisense Group and introduced the recent development achievements of students' innovation and entrepreneurship in the college. He stated that with the help and support of Hisense Group, the quality of talent cultivation in the college has steadily improved, and students' practical abilities and comprehensive qualities have significantly improved. He hopes that Hisense can continue to pay attention to and continue to support the talent cultivation and career development of the college.


Pang Yuanying, Sun Jiahui, Zhou Tong, Recruitment Managers of the Human Resources Department of Hisense Group Refrigerator Company and Li Jiajia, HR Manager; Geng Xuejiao, Director of the Fund Work Department of the External Liaison and Cooperation Office; Wang Ying, Director of the School of Economics and Management Office, Wang Ping, Director of the Employment Guidance Center, and Feng Yao, Director of the Alumni Development and External Cooperation Center, jointly attended the donation ceremony.