Professor Liu Yingqi Attends ACE 2023 General Assembly, Beijing Jiaotong University's School of Economics and Management Assumes Role as China Representative
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Beijing, China – September 20, 2023 – The School of Economics and Management (SEM) at Beijing Jiaotong University reaffirmed its commitment to international collaboration as Professor Liu Yingqi, the Head of Postgraduate Programmes, participated in the ACE 2023 General Assembly. During this critical gathering, Dean of SEM Prof. SHI Xianliang was appointed as the official representative for China from 2023 to 2025, signaling a significant step forward in the school's global engagement efforts.

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With a history of international cooperation spanning continents, SEM has cemented its status as a leading institution for global collaboration. SEM's involvement with ACE (the Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools) has extended its international outreach, emphasizing the importance of worldwide cooperation and student exchange.


Looking to the future, SEM has outlined critical plans for collaboration that will continue to bolster its international presence:


Reinvigorating Collaborations with POLIMI Graduate School of Management: SEM is set to renew its collaborative efforts with POLIMI Graduate School of Management, focusing on initiatives centered around the digital economy. This initiative will complement SEM's 'Doing Business in China' series and strengthen ties with Chinese corporations through participation in events and conferences hosted by POLIMI.


Expanding Partnerships with Antwerp Management School, Belgium: SEM is enthusiastic about intensifying international student exchanges and semester placements. The school is actively exploring opportunities to co-launch dual-degree programs for undergraduate and master's students. SEM also encourages Chinese doctoral students to engage in Ph.D. exchanges, academic interactions, and research visits at Antwerp Management School.


Solidifying Relationships with the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia: SEM is working to deepen its connections with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana. Plans include faculty exchanges and the formalization of the Erasmus+ agreement to facilitate faculty and student exchanges. SEM is also eager to revive the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) initiative, enhancing its curriculum and teaching methods.


In summary, SEM's active participation in the ACE 2023 General Assembly and appointment as the China representative for 2023-2025 demonstrate the school's commitment to fostering and strengthening international collaborations. As an integral part of the ACE alliance, SEM remains dedicated to promoting global engagement, cultural exchange, and academic advancement, ensuring that students and scholars benefit from a world of opportunities.


ACE (the Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools) background:

ACE (the Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools) is a vital platform for promoting cooperation between academic institutions across China and Europe. It fosters opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, collaborative research, and educational partnership initiatives. ACE will focus on academic excellence and the synergy between research and education to better prepare the next generation of executives. High-level representatives of the 20 schools finalized the ACE consortium agreement in parallel with the Deans' forum discussions.