The 2023 China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Freight Marketing Training Course Closing Ceremony Successfully Held
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At 1:30 pm on August 28, 2023, the freight marketing training course of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd. was completed. The graduation ceremony was grandly held in Room 306, Siyuan East Building, Beijing Jiaotong University. The leaders attending this ceremony include Professor Shi Xianliang, Dean of the School of Economics and Management at Beijing Jiaotong University, Professor Qiu Xiaodong, Vice Dean, Secretary Yang Chunlei of the Party General Branch of the Freight Service Center of Beijing Bureau Group Company, and Deputy Director Liu Xuefei of the Marketing Office. Vice President Qiu Xiaodong presided over the graduation ceremony.


Firstly, Secretary Yang Chunlei, on behalf of the Beijing Bureau Group Company, expresses sincere gratitude to the leaders, teaching teachers, and training center teachers of the School of Economics and Management at Beijing Jiaotong University. He also congratulated all students on completing this training. He pointed out that this training aims to enhance freight marketing personnel's comprehensive quality and ability to research and explore the market and promote logistics development. The students have learned cutting-edge theoretical knowledge, completed high-quality research in various courses, and significantly improved their professional knowledge level and innovation ability. Through on-site learning and inspection of relevant enterprises, they have deeply participated in enterprise management practices, broadening their horizons, updating their knowledge, and improving their quality. Finally, he shared 12 words with all the students: diligent learning, good thinking, applying what is learned, standing in a hundred lines, and putting learning first. He hope that all comrades will not only stay at the theoretical and technical level of the knowledge they have learned in the past six months but also persist in applying it to practical work. They should focus on learning the truth through practice, transforming the learning results into practical solutions to problems, powerful weapons to promote career development, and work results to promote high-quality development. To seize the favorable opportunities of current development value, promote railway modernization construction as the center, and provide innovative ideas and suggestions. Dare to be a pioneer, lead by example, and be the locomotive of freight development.

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President Shi Xianliang, on behalf of the School of Economics and Management at Beijing Jiaotong University, warmly congratulates the students present who have completed this training task. We also express our gratitude to the leaders of the Beijing Bureau Group for their trust and support. He pointed out that with the help and guidance of the Beijing Bureau Group Company leaders, the School of Economics and Management has comprehensively and systematically designed modular training courses for students from a professional perspective. It also includes practical training links such as case studies and on-site enterprise visits. He made a comprehensive summary of the characteristics of this training: firstly, both parties attach great importance to it and organize it tightly; Secondly, the educational content is enriched, and the training methods are flexible; Thirdly, the students have high quality and a strong enthusiasm for learning; The fourth is that the training effect is good and the expected goals have been achieved. Finally, he encouraged the students to continuously improve their literacy and abilities in their future work, study, and life and significantly contribute to the development of Beijing Railway Bureau Group Company and China's railway industry!

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Subsequently, Secretary Yang Chunlei issued the students the Outstanding Class Cadre Honorary Certificate. During the six-month training and learning process, Changsha Shuzheng and Huang Linsheng, the study committee member, were conscientious and responsible, actively serving the students, willing to contribute and take responsibility, and were elected as excellent class cadres by the students.

Finally, the attending leaders issued a graduation certificate to the students. The grand graduation ceremony came to a successful conclusion in a cheerful atmosphere.

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