The 2023 Freshman Opening Ceremony of the Sino foreign Cooperative Education - Technological Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Project was Successfully Held
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On August 5, 2023, the opening ceremony for the 2023 freshman class of the Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Project took place successfully. This collaborative education program is jointly offered by Beijing Jiao Tong University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. The ceremony was held in Room 501, Shaw Building, Beijing Jiao Tong University, with both online and offline participation.

Distinguished guests at the ceremony included Professor John Q Tu, Vice Dean of the Sanders School of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Professor Qiu Xiaodong, Vice Dean of the School of Economics and Management at Beijing Jiao Tong University, and representatives of the 2022 graduates, Zhao Yibo and Meng Qingrui. The event was presided over by Professor Yin Ping, the director of the project center.


The opening ceremony began with a video speech from James Myers, Deputy Dean of the Rochester Institute of Technology. In his address, he extended congratulations on the successful commencement of the new academic year and provided a concise overview of the project status at both partner universities.


During his speech, John Q Tu highlighted the project's distinctive feature—the diversity of students from various industries and backgrounds, emphasizing its benefits for mutual learning and experience sharing among students. He stressed the importance of applying knowledge and developing thinking patterns. Dean Tu encouraged students to actively engage in sharing and building friendly relationships within their academic and personal lives. Additionally, he underscored key points for students to focus on during their learning journey. Dean Tu expressed high praise for the quality and effectiveness of the project's education.


In his speech, Qiu Xiaodong, on behalf of the college, warmly welcomed the incoming freshmen of 2023. He provided an overview of the development status and recent achievements of both collaborating institutions in the project. Through multiple examples, he acknowledged the graduates' commendable professional knowledge and personal abilities. Qiu Xiaodong concluded his speech by expressing expectations and offering best wishes to the new cohort of students.


Zhao Yibo shared his valuable learning experience and insights during the ceremony. He spoke openly about the gains and progress he achieved through the project school, offering several suggestions to his classmates based on his own learning experience. Additionally, he introduced some high-end entrepreneurial achievements of his unit, expressing the hope of collaborating with his classmates to contribute to the development of new business enterprises.


As a new student representative, Zhang Yan expressed his excitement and expectation for entering the cooperative education project. He conveyed his commitment to grasp the learning direction, make good use of learning time, maintain a high level of learning enthusiasm, and work towards a successful graduation for every student.


Meng Qingrui provided a detailed introduction to the usage of My Courses and how to access RIT library resources in the final section. Combining Professor Yin Ping's process review and points for attention, the students were quickly introduced to the learning hall, and everyone actively engaged in sufficient communication and discussion on learning matters.


The opening ceremony, spanning three hours, left the students feeling enriched and eagerly anticipating the commencement of the new semester with full enthusiasm.