Associate Professor Liu Haixin's Research Featured in Journal of Product Innovation Management
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The Department of Information Management is proud to announce that Associate Professor Liu Haixin's latest research has been published online in the prestigious Journal of Product Innovation Management, a leading A-class journal. The paper, titled "A Time to Advise, A Time to Deliver: The Independent and Interactive Effects of Regulatory Mode on Innovative Work Behavior," features Liu Haixin as the first author.


In today's dynamic and unpredictable business environment, creativity and innovation are pivotal to the core competitiveness of modern enterprises. The ability of employees to exhibit high levels of Innovative Work Behavior is crucial for establishing, maintaining, and updating this competitiveness. While much of the existing research has focused on the initial stage of employee innovation - the generation of creative ideas - there has been less attention on the subsequent stages: the promotion and implementation of these ideas. Liu Haixin's paper addresses this gap by examining how employees' self-regulatory mechanisms impact their creativity, promotion, and implementation of innovative ideas. This research offers valuable insights at the individual level into the strengths and weaknesses of different types of employees during various stages of innovative work behavior. The findings provide significant implications for enterprise knowledge management, human resource management, and enhancing overall corporate innovation capabilities.


About the Author:

Liu Haixin serves as an associate professor in the Department of Information Management at the School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University. With a distinguished academic career, Liu has published over ten papers in authoritative domestic and international journals, including the Journal of Occupation and Organizational Psychology, Government Information Quarterly, Journal of Knowledge Management, and Management Review. Liu has also led two National Natural Science Foundation projects and one National Social Science Foundation project, further contributing to the field of information management and organizational studies.