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Undergraduates¡¯ Associations

The SEM branch of Zhixing Association, focusing the characteristic theory study and research, is the most closely associated with the Party branch. It undertakes primary and advanced party classes, organizes party members to join in practical activities, publicize the socialist core value system, and strives to clearly define the historical responsibilities that the students shoulder. Usually, based on current events and student realities, ¡°Zhixing¡± carries on learning and research through various forms such as situation and policy report, forums, focus interviews, and social surveys. Each year, we will hold events with unique features such as Hometown Beauty. , Party Class, Classroom Presentation, Red Tide Forum.


The SEM branch of Student Union of Beijing Jiaotong University is a students mass association with the leadership of the School Party Committee and the guidance of the School Youth League Committee. The Student Union Branch fulfills Beijing Jiaotong University Student Union Rules, keeping university motto ¡°Zhixing¡± in mind. It carries forward the spirit of ¡°loyalty, dedication, diligence, and innovation¡±, with the work principle of ¡°self-service, self-management, self-education, self-overseeing in ¡°diligent, pragmatic, reflective, and innovation¡± way. Actively cooperating with the university and the school, it gives students more attention and assistance from the perspective of students themselves and carries out work that meets the characteristics of young students in order to help students develop themselves in a healthy and comprehensive way. The student union puts internal ideological and organization development work in the first place of its internal work. It manages tightly and strives to build the student union branch into a ¡°ideological, learning, service, and innovative¡± team. From the whole university and school perspective, the student union branch constantly blazes new trails and serves all students in SEM in order to make itself into ¡°the student home¡±, ¡°a bridge between teachers and students¡± and ¡°a cadre school¡±.


Under leadership of SEM Youth League, SEM Student Science and Technology Association of Beijing Jiaotong University is responsible for holding various academic competitions, which brings a good academic atmosphere and cultivates students¡¯ sense of innovation and scientific research. With the aim of ¡°respecting science, pursuing genuine knowledge, diligent learning, and dedication to innovation¡±, SEM Student Science and Technology Association motivate students to study assiduously and bravely to innovate, cultivating students¡¯ innovative spirit and practical ability. It organizes a series of academic competitions such as the ¡°Creation of Youth¡± Student Entrepreneur Competition, ¡°Challenges¡± Science and Technology Works Competition, Business Negotiation Simulation Competition, ERP Sand Table Simulation Competition and the Securities Simulation Competition, which contributed to the vigorous development of extracurricular academic and scientific activities of our students.


SEM Youth Volunteer Service Association of Beijing Jiaotong University was established in 2003. It is one of the five functional associations in SEM. For 15 years, it has written the history of SEM students¡¯ volunteer service with the volunteer spirit of ¡°devotion and love, mutual assistance and progress¡±. With SEM students¡¯ continuous efforts, the SEM Youth Volunteer Service Association flourishes. The accumulated volunteer service hours has exceeded 4,000 hours, and the number of receivers has exceeded 6,000. There are more than 2,000 Volunteers registered on the Beijing Volunteer Platform. With the 15 years of development, SEM Youth Volunteer Service Association has not only formed a perfect operation system but also had a wealth of experience in holding events. It also has a series of volunteer activity Brand, such as ¡°I grow together with Special Olympics¡±, ¡°Orange Ribbon Charity Sale¡±, and ¡°Kite Contest¡±.


SEM Graduate Student Union, BJTU

SEM Graduate Student Union has following divisions, administration office, new media division, publicity division, public relation division, alumni division, research division, arts division, internship and practice division, sports division, and case management division.


(Updated on May 28th, 2018)