Current Students

The construction of the undergraduate courses of the School has achieved much. Since the tenth five-year-plan, the school has received many high level awards including 2 National Excellent Teachers by the central government, 5 Excellent Teachers by Beijing government and 14 by the university. The shool has been recognized for 3 national level classic (model) courses, 7 classic (model) courses by Beijing government and 9 by the university. The faculty members have published over 120 textbooks including 1 national level top-quality teaching material, 18 Beijing top-quality teaching materials and 4 top-quality teaching materials as declared by the Ministry of Railways. Logistics management and economics are listed among the special majors at national level. In 2008, the School Laboratory and Research Centerwas named the Model Center of Experimental Teaching in Beijing.

International Economy and Trade

Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics, Accounting principle, Finance, Operations research, Management, Economic law, International trade, International finance, Money and banking, etc.
Enterprise management Simulation, International trade Simulation, ERP Simulation, Internship, Graduation dissertation etc.
Business Administration

Financial management
Business administration
Tourism Management

Economics, Principle of management, Operations research, Financial accounting, Tax law, Economic law, Statistics, Marketing and accounting, Introduction of tourism, Economics of tourism, Tourism exploitation and planning, etc.
Accounting Simulation, Securities Transaction Simulation, ERP Simulation, Enterprise management Simulation, Major Understanding and PracticeInternship, Graduation dissertation etc.

Science & Engineering

Logistic Management
Logistics, Commodity, Supply chain and logistics management, Operations research, Financial management, Enterprise logistics management, Logistics Cost Control, Distribution and Distribution center, Logistics system analysis, Warehousing management, Logistics information system, Transportation and packaging, etc.
Understanding logistics, Enterprise management simulation, Applied statistics software, ERP Simulation, Internship, and graduation dissertation etc.
Information Management and Information Systems
Computer software basis, Data structure, Operations research, Object oriented programmer (C + +), Database principle and applications, Computer network, Management information systems, Multi-user operating system applications, Applications of large database (Oracle), Internet and e-commerce, etc.
Enterprise management
Simulation, International trade Simulation, ERP Simulation, Internship, Graduation dissertation etc.
Engineering Management
Engineering Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Ground Mechanics and Groundwork, Operations Research, Management Information Systems, Project Budget, Construction organization, Construction Project Management, Bid Invitation and Tender for Construction Projects, Construction Inspection and Control, Construction Enterprise Management, Real Estate Development and Management, Real Estate Valuation, etc.
Project Measuring Practice; Design for Management Information Systems; Design for Project General Budgets; Project Management Software; ERP Simulation, Enterprise Management Simulation; Internship; and Graduation dissertation etc.