Students' Activity

Undergraduate Activity

Hometown Beauty

National unity, a kind of spirit and a pursuit, is an ideological integration force. It plays an important role in uniting people and integrating society. China is a unified multi-ethnic country. Without national unity, there will be no social stability, no economic development, no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. ¡°We all have a home named China.¡± Hometown Beauty, conveying the correct national values to all teachers and students, makes a contribute to national unity education of students.


The demand for talents in economic construction and social development is diversified. There are also many ways to make a career. At present, the employment situation of university graduates is severe but the grass-roots talents are scarce. ¡°Three Supports and One Alleviation¡±(Agriculture Support, Education Support, Medical Support and Poverty Alleviation) is warmly responded to by university graduates. Some motivated young people turned their attention to the countryside and the grassroots unit. They have not only got rare life experience but also met the urgent needs of grassroots for talents. Hometown Beauty encourages more students to dedicate their wisdom and youth to their hometowns through their praise of their hometown life and their hopes for the flourishing development of their hometown, which will lead them realize the self success in their dedication.


The activities include: National Culture Exhibition, National Culture Small Lecture Hall, National Culture Exhibition Competition.


Graduate Activity

¡ôGraduate Class Competition

SEM Graduate Class Competition, ¡°You are in the path of my youth¡±, has held eleven sessions since 2008. The successful Graduate Class Competition has enriched campus culture life and provided the class with a stage of potential exploration and showing themselves. It interprets youth and ideals and fully demonstrates the class style,which embodies the idea that SEM implements the idea of ¡°Youth China, Unlimited Dreams¡±. The competition strengthens the class culture construction, which allows young students to get full-scale talents in participating Class building and campus construction. They use the ¡°youth dream¡± to build ¡°class dream¡± which supports ¡°The Chinese dream¡±.


¡ôHuiguang Cup Academic and Cultural Festival

Since 1991, Beijing Jiaotong University has successfully held 27 sessions of ¡°Huiguang Cup¡± Academic and Cultural Festival, resulting in positive social influence and establishing a good brand. ¡°Huiguang Cup¡± Academic and Cultural Festival is committed to building a prosperous graduate science and technology platform. It strives to further strengthen academic exchanges among universities and research institutes across the country, promoting academic and scientific innovation. ¡°Huiguang Cup¡± Academic and Cultural Festival consists of thesis collection, outstanding papers review, forums, exhibition of outstanding scientific and technological works, etc.. The graduate working team in our school won the ¡°Huiguang Cup¡± outstanding organization award many times.


¡ôThe ¡°Teacher-Student¡± Graduation Gala

Since 2008, The ¡°Teacher-Student¡± Graduation Gala has been held for 10 times. With good organization of the university and graduates and tutors participation, SEM show achieved fully success every year. As a good platform for teachers and students to share friendship and graduate education, the gala has created a graduated atmosphere full of warmth. Not only did graduate students feel the warmth of Jiaotong University family, they also wrote a happy chapter with the understanding of teachers and students. It also expresses the university¡¯s best wishes for graduate students, wishes graduates the wider world after they leave alma mater.



(Updated on May 28th, 2018)