Training Program

EDP Center is specially established by the School of Economic and Management to hold interdisciplinary and comprehensive high-level training programs, and it provides training services to senior and middle-level civil servants, business personnel, managers and technicians at home and abroad. The core advantages of the EDP program includes advanced education concept, first-class faculty team, international training vision, flexible training plan, rich teaching methods and high-quality teaching services. Relying on the characteristic disciplines of SEM, the EDP program gives full play to the advantages of Logistics Management, Business Administration, etc. Based on the operating and production characteristics of training enterprises, the professional composition of trainees and the specific needs of enterprises, it designs customized training courses, gathers the highest level of training teachers and experts at home and abroad, and ensures that the training courses are informative, practical, advanced and international. At the same time, the ˇ°three-systemˇ± training mode is adopted, namely the training mode of ˇ°expert lecture + forum salon + on-site inspectionˇ± to enrich the training content and provide a professional service management team to ensure the quality of training.

The training fields mainly cover: enterprise management, logistics and supply chain management, finance and trade, financial management and investment and financing, engineering and project management, tourism service industry management, enterprise informatization and e-commerce, etc. Besides, more customized training modules (products) can be added according to the requirements of customers.