MPAcc Program

Accounting is one of the earliest subjects of the School, which has the authority to awarding doctoral degrees, and recruits postdoctoral students for the business administration postdoctoral research station. Many renowned accounting experts are graduated from or once worked here, including the world-famous professor Yang Rumei and professor Yin Zonge, who had made great contributions to the development of Chinese accounting theories.

In 2007, Beijing Jiaotong University was approved by the Academic office of National Congress to award degrees of professional master in Accounting. The program provides three specialties in accounting: transportation and logistic accounting, the science of merger and acquisition and reorganization, and risk management and auditing. It is focused on cultivating professional accountants with expertise, good occupational ethics, who have a sense of law and can solve practical problems. And it will continuously strengthen the international cooperation with foreign partners, in order to forge the brand name of our MPAcc education.