Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering (Professional Degree)

     [Major Description] This specialty, with mechanical engineering, electronic engineering technology as the foundation, the industrial engineering theory and method as the link, the operations research, human factors engineering, facilities planning, computer technology and modern integrated manufacturing technology as the tools, is to train senior management and logistics professionals who are good at planning, design, evaluation and innovation in the modern manufacturing industry with a combination of technology and management of enterprise production system.
     [Research Areas] Information system engineering, engineering and project management, production management
     [Training Features and Objective] To train application type, composite type senior personnel of modern industrial engineering management, who are with a solid theoretical foundation and broad knowledge in this field, and understand, both here and abroad, the advanced technology and method of engineering facilities industries applications, the system design and evaluation, and industrial engineering management.
     [Employment] To engage in the production, management, planning, design, management, control, consultation, evaluation and optimization of service management systems, as well as analysis and control of complex product life cycle cost, in the institutions, enterprises, complex products manufacturing industry.
     [Main courses] ˇ°Project managementˇ±, ˇ°operations managementˇ±, ˇ°management information systemsˇ±, ˇ°enterprise resource planningˇ±, ˇ°database design and managementˇ±.