Logistics engineering

Logistics engineering (professional degree)

    ¡¾Descriptions of Course Work¡¿ The research object of the major is the logistics system. Logistic engineering major study the resource allocation of logistics system, the control of the logistics operation process, operation and management of engineering field. Logistics engineering project belongs to the disciplines of logistics management and engineering.
   ¡¾Directions of Research¡¿Logistics Management Engineering, Logistic Systems Analysis & Design, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
   ¡¾Program features and Training Objectives¡¿The education aims at developing logistics engineering entrepreneurs and senior professional managers who have solid theoretical foundation and broad knowledge in the field of logistics engineering , knowing the application of domestic and foreign logistics facilities, design and evaluation of system and the advanced technology and method of logistics management, and having the international logistics engineering strategic concept and the decision-making ability of commanding the whole situation to meet the needs of the international competition.
   ¡¾Fields of Employment¡¿ logistics company, logistics department, logistics administrative department, transportation enterprises and institutions, commercial and circulation industry management departments and scientific research institutes, etc.
   ¡¾Major Courses¡¿ Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Logistic Systems Analysis & Design, Logistics (Supply Chain) Modeling and Simulation, Logistics Information System planning & modeling , Purchasing Management, International Logistics Operation