Engineering Management

Engineering Management (Professional Degree) 
      [Specialty Description]Engineering management is an emerging intersection science combined with engineering technology and management. From the study, students will have the comprehensive knowledge of management, economics, civil engineering technology and become the inter-disciplinary and senior management talents and can be engaged in the decision-making and whole process management in the engineering and construction management area in home and abroad.
      [Research Area]Civil Engineering Management, Information Engineering Management, Safety Engineering ManagementúČTransportation and Logistics Engineering Management.
      [Features and Goals] The goal of this specialty is to train the high-level applicable talents who are able to independently undertake the engineering management work and master the systemic engineering management theory and special knowledge in relative engineering area and have strong abilities of planning, organizing, commanding, communicating and decision-making.
      [Employment]Engineering Technology Company, Engineering Consultant and Evaluation Company, The Government Department in Charge of Construction, Research and Education Department in Charge of Project Decision-making and Whole Process Management
      [Main Courses]Project Management, Engineering Economics, Theory and Method of Construction and Engineering Management, Engineering Contract Management, Project Quality Management, Project Finance and Risk Management, Practice of Engineering Management.