MAud Program

Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) is one of the first batch of authorized Master of Auditing (MAud) training base approved in 2011. It began enrollment in the same year and has so far enrolled MAud students for 8 years.

The MAud program is designed to meet the urgent needs for auditing specialized personnel under China¡¯s economic and social development, improve auditing personnel training system, innovate auditing personnel training model, and improve auditing personnel training quality. The aim is to cultivate high-level and application-oriented auditing professionals who have good political and ideological qualities and professional ethics, systematically master the basic theories of modern auditing and knowledge and skills in related fields, have a broad international vision, have strong professional capabilities, and can creatively engage in auditing work.
[Research Area] 
Certified Public Accountant Audit, Internal Audit, Government and Nonprofit Organization Audit, Project Audit