Prof. Xavier Martin, strategic management specialist, lectures at our school


On December 20, 2012, Prof. Xavier Martin, strategic management specialist, from Strategy and Organization Department of College of Economic Management, Tilburg University, lectured at our school on the theme entitled “Home Country Alliance Experience, State Ownership, and the Internationalization of Chinese Firms” and also introduced the PhD Program of Graduate School of Tilburg University. Zhang Mingyu, party committee secretary of School of Economic Management had an interview with Prof. Martin and had a discussion with him about the PhD candidate cultivation and discipline building and other relevant problems. Present at the academic lecture were Prof. Wu Wenbing, Prof. Gao Hongyan, Prof. Ru Yihong, Associate professor Tang Fangcheng, Associate professor Wang Yacan and Associate professor Wang Shuxiang, etc., and postgraduates and PhD candidates.
Prof. Martin’s lecture applied many first-hand survey data and statistical analysis skills from the perspective of the Chinese enterprise international strategy and combined his experience in engaging in the corporate strategy and the international business studies over the past years with actual problems encountered in implementing the strategy of “going global” for the Chinese enterprises to analyze the relationships of the Chinese enterprise alliance forms, different enterprise's ownership system and international strategy to broaden the vision of the participants, thus well received and welcomed by the participants.
Xavier Martin is the lifetime professor of Strategy and Organization Department of College of Economic Management, Tilburg University, the senior research fellow of CentER, the founder of Innovative Research Center and a member of the core management team. Thus far, he has published 40-odd papers at the international top-grade journals (including Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Management Science, Journal of International Business Studies, Administrative Science Quarterly, etc.) and has successively won the Best Paper Awards at the annual meetings of the top grade international societies or associations for 16 times, including Annual Meeting of American Society of Management, Annual Meeting of American Strategic Management Association, International Business Association, etc. He is currently serving as an editorial member of the international journals, Strategic Management Journal and Journal of International Business Studies respectively.
Tilburg University Prof. Martin currently works for is a national research university in Holland and ranks third in European economic management colleges according to University of Texas--Dallas's ranking. Its Economics Program of School of Business Administration ranked first in Europe in 2009 and seventh in the world and its Business Administration Program ranked third in Europe in 2009.