A report delivered by Deputy Director General of Shandong Provincial Tourism Administration at School of Economic Management


On May 21, 2013, Dr. Dou Qun, Deputy Director General of Shandong Provincial Tourism Administration delivered a report entitled “Exploration for Evolution of China’s Tourism Market Structure and Tourism Development Orientation” at School of Economic Management. Present at the academic seminar were Prof. Zhang Hui, Prof. Xiao Xiang,Prof. Gao Hongyan, Prof. Liu Yingqi, Prof. Feng Hua, Prof. Yu Qing, Prof. Fu Shaochuan and other teachers from School of Economic Management, and 40-odd Ph. D students and postgraduates. The academic seminar was presided over by Professor Zhang Wensong and president of School of Business Administration.
Dr. Dou Qun proceeded from the development history of three major Chinese tourism markets in the past 3 decades by applying a lot of first-hand survey data and statistical analysis skills and also combining his study experience of tourism based on his tourism career over years to analyze the evolutions of the Chinese tourism market structure and the future tourism development orientation from the strategic perspective. His report was informative and clear structure and outline to widen the vision of the participants, thus well received by all teachers and students.