Professor Hirasawa from Waseda University is kindly invited for an Academic Symposium

On the afternoon of July 11, 2013, Professor Hirasawa from Waseda University presented an Academic Symposium at SD611 Meeting Room at the invitation fromSchool of Economics, focusing on GNP.
GNPrepresents anevolutionary computation algorithm, first advanced by Prof. Kotaro Hirasawa. Similar to other evolutionary computation algorithms, GNP is inspired from Darwin's theory of evolution based on the principle of Survival of the fittest and selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior, thus evolving into the algorithm approximate to the optimal solution. However, the difference lies in that GNP first applied the Graph structure to stand for the alternative solution. This brand-new representation renders the alternative solution structure more condensed to effectively explain the more complicated problems, thus more effectively finding the most approximate solution. Thus far, GNP has been successfully applied in the forecasting in the traffic communication, elevator dispatching control and stock Market Analysis and Forecast and other practical problems. There have been more than 200 theoretical study and applied research papers published in the important international seminars and journals.
After the symposium, the teachers and students from School of Economics shared a profound and intensive communication with Prof. Kotaro Hirasawa in terms of the international academic exchange, international academic conferences and international academic journals, and other relevant contents.
A profile of Prof. Hirasawa: Kotaro Hirasawa, a professor of Waseda University, once Dean of IPS Charge; a member of Japan Royal Society of Instrument and Control, Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), mainly involving the studies of Evolutionary Computing Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Multi-Agent System, Data Mining, Stock Market Forecast, Robot Soccer, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). He has published more than 100 research papers at major international journals and academic conferences, say, IEEE Trans. on SMC, ACM EC GECCO, IEEE and CEC, etc. He has been devoted to the Stock Market Forecast, Consumer behavior analysis, ITS studies and Mathematical Modeling and Analysis.  
Revised date: July 14, 2013